Glitch With Fluffy


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While streaming last night I had an encounter with Fluffy the wolf in Upper Dam which exhibited some glitches. From what I could tell, these occurred:

  • Fluffy seemed to disappear after my shot at them, although I couldn't tell if I hit
  • They seemed to appear again behind me - unsure if teleportation glitch or just darkness obscuring view
  • They were stuck running in place in this location
  • A shot at the wolf seemed to do nothing
  • Several seconds later, Fluffy dropped dead where they were standing

The video attached starts at the beginning of my encounter with the wolf. The first noticeable glitch begins around 2:45. For more context of what happened before the encounter with the wolf began, my entire stream was archived here: . The clip in the youtube video begins around 05:54:00. I hope this helps!

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