The Survivalist

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I just watched the movie "The Survivalist" and have to say i liked it alot. It's not the movie of the century but worth watching (i normally dont like 99% of movies is see :p)

I would describe it as the walking dead for mature audience without zombies :)

Anyone else seen this film?

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Interesting that you see it like that. You really should've watched the full movie.

One thing that really is strange in storys of survival or a postapocalyptic world is the lack of sex. 90% it's always about violence in very variation. Is that a "american thing"? Security obviously is a key factor of survival, but food, water, shelter, toilet, hygiene, sex and beeing not alone are equaly - if not more - important aspects. The main character has shelter, food and security, the other two have absolutly nothing.

If you watch it till the end, you will see that the movie isn't about nudity. I liked the movie because all essential aspects of survival are displayed. In addition, the movie is about how raw and simple humans become in such a situation (In all other movies Hollywood just shows unrealistic violent nonsense). After all that, the glimpse of moral and love appears and the film says, no metter how raw and basic humans might become in such a situation, moral - joy - hope - life - the good can not die. 

By the way, the first half is exactly about the security question. Because many are stronger than singles, people would always try to build communitys. At some point, the character has to let his guard down to gain that. In the beginning, the two new know that and are just waiting for the moment but than change their minds (in many ways). That is pretty authentic and shows normal human beeings, not the Hollywood-crap showing people doing things without a reason.

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