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So I have been noticing this in many different locations on all the maps at some point.  I will list the most notable ones below, but while exploring, I have noticed many places where it seems like the snow or the terrain is blocking forward movement, even though it's not on a hill or somewhere else that you would not be able to travel.

The two places that seem to be the worst out of all the maps, are the stairs to enter the Hydro dam and the road in PV.

At the Hydro dam, every time I try to walk up the stairs, I get to the top step and can no longer move forward, making me have to sidestep to get over the final step to the door.  This happens every time I try to go in the Hydro dam.

In PV, while walking along the road, in either direction, the snow stops me in mid step as if I'm walking against a wall, yet the snow on the road is no more than an ant hill.  This has led to my death many times while avoiding attacking wolves, either running or walking, and all of the sudden I hit one of these spots and can't move forward, making me sidestep and allowing the wolves to tear at my throat.  These types of places are also in other maps as well, but the one in PV is the most annoying for sure.

I was starting to take screenshots of all these locations but there are so many.


edit: here are just 2 spots I hit just now in PV on the road in front of the farmhouse (screenshots)

screen_(1773, 55, 978)_0d5cd51f-0640-4464-9806-14ea701c8b4a.png

screen_(1774, 48, 823)_db0dad22-f3dd-45d7-8435-bf3717987eb1.png

screen_(1776, 48, 821)_5616c0dc-9b7b-4c89-aafa-5824e7926abd.png

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Ive also experienced walkway "blockage" at the rear of the damn. If you walk the pathway leading to the rear entrance of damn from the river below, when approaching the section that essentially "bridges" over the small cove you get stuck and have to nearly walk off the edge to go "around" it


Would like to provide a screenshot but cant so I tried describing the spot best I could


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