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  1. (medium difficulty... not the hard one) I'm carrying back my first survivor and I can not get past these wolves. I came down the mountain and answered the phone at the collapsed shack at the edge of the river. I rested, warmed us both up, and topped off water/food, then started my trek towards the town. My first attempt, I kept going along the river directly towards the town. I was attacked within a minute of leaving the shack. I put the survivor down and defended myself as best I could. I only have my rifle and 13 shots, one red flare, and one blue flare. I can not get a bead on any of them and they slowly rip me apart. I restart from the shack/phone call. This time I take the other fork in the river towards Molly's house. The music starts and I immediately put the survivor down next to a cliff face, start a fire, and prepare for the attack. My second shot I got off was an extremely lucky shot and I killed one of the wolves. The other one ran off. Morale gauge was gone. Encounter over. I picked up the survivor and started walking again and within seconds, the music starts again. I put the survivor back down and a few seconds later, 2 new wolves, with a full morale gauge, appear and begin their attacks. This time, no lucky shots. I spend my remaining 11 shots and both flares, and they are still attacking. Even if I shot directly towards them, the gauge didn't move, except for 3 times out of 11 shots. I got killed again. The wolves were not effected by the fire or either of the flares. They attacked the survivor, who was directly beside the fire, and they attacked me, standing directly in front of the survivor. Even after I ran out of ammo I tried to grab a couple rocks and throw them and they did nothing as well. I'm really trying to enjoy this after such a long wait, but this is going to get old real fast. I enjoy a challenge but I can not manage 2 fights in such quick succession. IF I restart this whole episode I'll equip myself differently, but with what I have I don't see how I'm going to make it back to safety with this survivor.
  2. You said, "It's not like people haven't been playing the game for nearly 5 years already." Not everyone has been playing for 5 years. I stopped playing the game about 2 months after the episodes were released. So I played for about 2.5 years at best. I do not want to play any more sandbox because I want to see all the new stuff you have done in the story mode. Yes, it was my fault for playing the sandbox and knowing the game too well when the story finally came along. I have never bought in to an early release and it was a mistake I made and I learned from that mistake. I won't make it again. So I will not play the game again until episode 3 is released. Therefore I no longer have a game to play. That is my choice and it is why it's so upsetting every time I see another delay. But since you keep missing this point, I'll say it again. I'm upset because now that episode 3 was set to release, you announce that you are releasing episodes 1&2 redux and delaying episode 3 again. Which means you have spent your time redoing the first 2 episodes instead of moving on and accepting that there were faults with the first release. Stand by your product, good or bad, admit your missteps and commit to do better on the next episode. If you did that and worked to make episode 3 release when you said it was going to be released, I wouldn't be so critical. But instead, you took resources out of your progress to redo the first release, delaying again the progress of the story. It's been 2 years and we have yet to even know when the next episode will finally be finished. You got new staff and toys to play with. Great. Use them and get this story going.
  3. I just want to comment on this point you made. Yes, you have updated the sandbox, and that was clear from the first time I read about this game around 4 years ago. You were going to update the sandbox to test the mechanics and features for the story mode. At least that was my understanding, correct me if I'm wrong. I was happy to provide feedback and bug reports as I played the sandbox as it gave me a good idea of what you folks were working on and were planning for the story mode. And then finally, the first 2 episodes were released. There were hiccups and it wasn't as polished as I had hoped after all the testing and bug fixes and updates to the sandbox. You folks worked to fix the bugs and get a more stable release fairly quickly, and if I hadn't made it clear (which I probably didn't) I did appreciate you folks finally releasing a working game I could try to enjoy. My main problem with the continued updates to the sandbox is that any new content is going to feel old once the episodes do finally roll out. I already know almost every nook and cranny, stash locations, etc. in the maps that were available before the first 2 episodes. Even though Milton was a new map with the release, there was nothing really new. Before the next episode is released, I want to forget all the locations and features, and hopefully, be presented with all the new features as I play the new episode. This is my main reason for not wanting to play the sandbox until then. I want to see the story fresh, without any known new locations (if there are any in the next or subsequent episodes) and without knowing all the tricks of the new features. I feel that was a major reason I did not fully enjoy the first 2 episodes. I already knew how to heal myself, I already knew how to fight off a wolf, or evade a bear, or where to find food, shelter, supplies, etc. Having so many updates is great for some, but not for all. I know you can't please everyone all the time, and I would never ask anyone to do that. All I ask is for a game I was excited to play to finally get some progress. I knew it wasn't going to be released all at once. I knew it would take a few years to get the first season completed. What I didn't know is that you would go back to "redux" the first 2 episodes before even finishing episode 3. That is what really upset me. I think it's great that you were able to hire more developers and get new hardware, however, making delays because you want to go back to fix or redo what you didn't do the first time around is very upsetting.
  4. It was either late 2014 or early 2015 when I bought the "Early Access" game that only had Mystery Lake map playable in a sandbox. Since then, the game devs have promised a truly unique and immersive story mode in development. But over the next year and a half they started talking more and more about their sandbox updates. Sure, they were using it as testing for the story mode to make sure everything worked, but it soon became it's own living entity. The devs started putting more and more focus on the sandbox. Story mode was supposed to be the big sell for early access folks who bought in to the game, like myself. I was promised the first full season, 5 episodes, with my purchase. It has been around 4 years and only 2 episodes have been released. Now the devs say they are redoing the first 2 episodes because, let's be frank, they failed in their one big promise... to release a game that is complete (paraphrased). Episode 3 is delayed after nearly a year and a half wait and it is evident they were over-promising and have under-delivered. I have lost faith in the devs and any chance this game gets finished within the next 4 years. I paid for a story mode game about 4 years ago and am still waiting for the product I paid for. Small studios, take note... this is a blueprint of what NOT to do.
  5. I'm glad everyone here seems to be happy with your latest setback, but I must be the one who will express my frustrations. I have left this game sit after the disappointment of episodes 1&2. I haven't even bothered with the sandbox. I was one of the early supporters of this game as the concept looked really interesting and the descriptions from the devs had me really excited for a game that was not a carbon copy of other games. I had enjoyed watching the changes and was very excited for the coming developments. All the updates and additions had made the survival mode interesting, but lacking only in a story. I waited patiently for when the story mode would finally be finished. And then it was. And that is where the fairy tale was revealed to be just that... a fairy tale. The reality was the game was a huge disappointment. There were bugs that didn't allow progress. The dialog was terrible and the quests made no sense. I spent days waiting on an aurora that never appeared, and only after finding out it was yet another bug, had to start over once that patch had been applied. I lost interest real fast after that. It was 6 months before I even bothered to check if there was any progress on the rest of the game. By the time any news was announced of progress for episode 3, there was the news of a "redux" of ep 1&2. Why did you bother to push the narrative of "we won't release it until it's ready" for you to then say, "we messed up and we are going to redo it"? And then you say you are going to release in December, but alas, a month away and you admit you can't do it. That seems vaguely familiar. Kinda like how you hyped a huge announcement, and then that announcement was a countdown. It's obvious from the posts here that many people don't feel the same as me, and that's fine. I don't mind being the voice of dissent. I can only voice my opinion as I see it and that is all I'm doing. I am disappointed in this dev studio. I have never bought in to an early access game before and I probably never will again after this experience. If small studios like this want to survive against the giants, they need to have something that makes them stand out. This game had so much potential and unfortunately it was a huge let down.
  6. So finally some news as to when the story will continue... and I couldn't be more disappointed. I bought in to this game back in 2014, when there was only one region to play on and enjoyed the progress of the survival mode, which kept me interested while we all waited for the release of the long awaited, and much anticipated, story mode. Then story mode came and I was completely blown away with how lacking it was after so much hype. I played the way through the 2 episode, yet even that took me weeks since all the bugs and glitches stopped any real progress. Then I waited for the patches that were to fix those issues and I lost interest quickly. I finally finished the episodes after a few weeks just to get it done and then I said to myself I would give the folks at Hinterlands the benefit of the doubt since it was a first time studio trying their best, yet I was still feeling very let down. Then the wait began. I lost interest in the survival mode and have barely looked at the forum here to stop myself getting more disappointed after months and months of no news of the next episode. I had avoided any other developments because I didn't want to get my hopes up for anything after last year's fiasco of the teaser for the countdown to the launch went sour in everyone's mouths. I decided to check today since it has been almost an entire year since the episodes 1-2 were released, and here it is... news of the episode 3 release... finally. But with it is news of a "Redux" of the first 2 episodes. Now, I'm confused. Were you actually finished with episodes 1-2 before you launched it last year? Because if you are doing all these changes, why did you release the first two last year? Why did we all get sold a story that you didn't want to release a date for episodes 1-2 for so long so you could make sure you got it right the first time? Wasn't this your main reasoning behind taking so long for the first two episodes being released? I remember reading a lot of different posts and update threads about how you folks wanted to make sure it was checked for bugs, polished and pristine before being released, and still we got a game with lack luster story, very poor in the actual game play, with horrible cut scenes of dialog with one dimensional NPCs, and many, many bugs that stopped anyone from being able to progress for weeks while we all waited for hot fixes. And now, we get a complete redo of the first 2 episodes because it was not complete the first time around. At this point I am beyond disappointed, I am downright angry. So another announcement that we need to wait another 5 months to get the final finished product that episodes 1-2 should have been, a year ago, and then we get to see episode 3 of the story. I have lost all faith in this studio and really hope you folks are going to do something spectacular to make up for this fiasco of the past 4 years so far. If not, and I'm sure most people won't even care at this point, you have lost this once loyal supporter.
  7. turned in ear and waited days and days again with no aurora. saw another post about pressing elevator button so I did that and 2 nights later got an aurora. this seems to be a terrible way for this to work and should be fixed.
  8. I have almost completed the entirety of episode 2, but there have been issues along the way. The bear hunt, the burning of the letters quest, and a couple of other random bugs. The Bear Hunt: So this had happened twice during the quest. On my 4th encounter with the bear, around the train tracks between the derailment and the camp office, I had crept up to the bear very close and took a shot. The bear charged me. I had enough time to reload and take another shot. The only thing is there was no gunshot sound, just the screen going blank, the sounds of the bear mauling me start, then the screen comes back as if I was getting up from a mauling. The sounds of the bear mauling are still occurring, but I'm not seeing the bear. The rifle has indeed shot because I am down another round of ammo, and I'm bleeding from a chest wound, and my condition had dropped by about 20%, but no clothing is damaged. I check the status of my quest and it says I had completed another encounter. I went to the office next to the lake and since it was almost dark, I ate and slept. I then spent the next day repairing items, boiling water, cooking food and recovering. The next day I go out looking for the bear again, and the footprints are still there, after a full day and a half, and bad weather heard outside while I spent the day recovering. I proceed to follow the tracks to near the trailers, just up from the clear cut area. The bear is there and I again creep up and line up a shot. I fire and the bear starts charging again. I again reload and take another shot and the same thing happened as the last encounter. No gunshot sound, no bear maul animation, just a black screen and the mauling sounds. I wake up and have to use first aid again for a wound, but no clothing damaged, and about 20% health damage. The bear is lying dead beside me. This was encounter 5/6. I was able to harvest the bear and get the ear, but again was confused at the encounter not working properly. After the bear was dead, I went to Forlorn Muskeg to complete the quest to destroy the letters. I had made it all the way to the hatch and it was locked. I have since spent well over 20 days waiting for an aurora for the hatch to open but it hasn't happened. I have spent most of the time in the cave next to the waterfall, sleeping for an hour or 2, going outside to check for the aurora, and going back to sleep. I even went back out to the broken railroad map to the maintenance yard to collect another cache, spent a night there at that building, and still no aurora. I have been walking all around Muskeg a few times and while there I have encountered only a few rabbits and the bear, but no deer or wolves, even though I can hear wolves howling from time to time. In 2 weeks time, no other wildlife has appeared and I was almost starving to death. Finally one day a deer appeared near the radio tower and I went to hunt it. I missed my shot and the deer ran off and onto the rocks and got stuck. It was running on what appeared to be a ledge, not moving but still running. I walked up to it and shot it and harvested it, but was concerned that this behavior needs a fix. (attached screen cap related) Another issue I have been experiencing through the entirety of episode 1&2, one which I remember calling to your attention during the past sandbox updates and bug fixes, is the steps to the entrance of the Hydro Dam. When walking to the doors, it is like there is something stopping forward movement at the top of the stairs and I have to sidestep a few times just to move the last couple of steps to get to the door. This has also occurred at other stairs throughout the environment, at some locations like the lookout, certain houses in Milton, and other locations in caves and random places around the maps. There have also been issues with wolves walking through the buildings in Milton, specifically the church and the credit union. When walking up to these buildings, I could hear a wolf growling, but couldn't see them. Just as I'm about to back away, I see a wolf appear through those buildings and attack me. They didn't walk around the building, they came from inside the building itself, as if they were walking through it like it wasn't even there. This has happened multiple times in Milton during multiple new games. I am fairly happy with the way the game has turned out and am satisfied with the game play overall. I know there will still be things needing ironing out for any new game and hope you folks can work towards these small parts of the game that need attention. Keep up the great work and thank you for all you do.
  9. It would be awesome if there was some kind of mountaineering rope in the game so you can climb up and down these ropes and not get stuck in a ravine.
  10. I was in a snow shelter to escape the blizzard that had rolled in. I was wasting time just looking at my journal, when all of the sudden, SNAP!! My ankle is now sprained. I was not moving, I was sitting still in the shelter looking at my journal. Explain that one. Seriously, WTF?
  11. Thank you mystifeid for your confirmation that this is an ongoing thing. I don't like this and hope the admins take notice and fix it before final release. It was a bit upsetting to be seconds away from bagging a nice dinner and then it suddenly vanishes. My deer was in that area around where the stream meets the lake, around that large rock formation, so it is a normal place for the deer and not outside of it's range, as it were. As for the same thread title... Great Minds Think Alike
  12. yea, see this thread.. it looked weird I have again verified my game files and again all is well, so I don't know what else there is for me to check.
  13. I have never seen this happen before and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this: I was walking back to the ML camp office from the stream and there was a deer. I crouched down and moved towards it, and as I was about to take aim (fairly close range) the deer vanished into thin air. I thought of taking a screenshot, but then I realized how daft that would be to show a screenshot of a vanished deer. I have never witnessed this before and was wondering if this is something that has been reported in the past. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have noticed a lot of weird bugs like this lately. I have had the camp office building vanish and a wolf attack me through a closed door just since the latest update. Anyone else have weird experiences lately?