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Ok Im on Day 30 14th Save on Voyager Came from Mystery Lake 13 Days & 15 Days in Coastal Highway Have Massive amount of Stuff Skins Food Etc Have 44 Rifle Rounds House full of Everything Little Fishing Cabin Been Almost Every were in Coastal Highway Been Looking for a Gun Sense i Started Still Looking on the Coastal Highway map Already Looted 97% Of the Map of Costal Highway I have One Fishing Cabin to Go then i will Survive going outside Getting more Plants Rn Going to Burn through all the Food i have and Supplies then Head to Pleasent Vally Now i have So Much idk How long i will last in Costal Highway Been Eating a Good Amount Checking Every Little Detail in Everything i do Keeping up up to 11 Different Back Up Plans just incase Something Happend Ready For Anything to Come at me Even if i dont have a Weopon Witch i do have a Knife and all that Good Stuff but i dont Have Many Arrows for my Bow Recently Broke my Most Recent One Doing Great rn Ik i am Going to Survive for a Very long time @Tbone555 :P Ready for Anything to Come at me rn Might Try out Stalker Now     








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Well i Just Died on Day 33 From Hunting a Bear Getting over Confident * Went with 8 Bullets Shot him Didnt have Any Food He Attacked me I got up Shot him Again *With 5% Life* *Started Looking for Him Saw Blood Looked around for like 3 Mins got down to like 3% Went Back Wards I Got Cold and i was Hungy & thristy and as Soon as i found the Bear i was at 1% Pulled out my Rifle About to Shoot * U Faded into the Long Dark* :frown::silly:

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oh, man. i've been there! there was a time the exact same thing happened to me. i could have retreated back to my shelter and probably would have survived. but instead, i wasnt gonna let that S.O.B get the last laugh! :P

but i've only been alive for about 10 or 11 days on stalker. that's cause i lost my previous character to the new patch. booted up my game and he was just gone :( with him i was nearing to 30 days

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