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Today I have started a new sandbox. When I entered carter dam, I realised a few cured sapplings, a quality toolbox and a torch at the first room, right on the floor and standing together. Everything was searched/empty and there was no fluffy (voyager +1 day). I think this situation is coming from another sandbox, game must be confused or whatever.

Also a few hours ago I deleted two stalker mode sandboxes but one of them came back when I ran game second time. Maybe there is a connection between two situation.

Edit: Not only carter dam, everything. I don't know when did it return to an old template but there's not even a "new place" sign when I discover a new place.

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Something less extreme but maybe related happened to me some days ago.

Coming up on the summit of Timberwolf Mountain I discovered that one of the corpses was already searched and empty.

The Interesting thing is that the last time I searched this corpse was several games ago.

So if this is the same mixup thing and not something unrelated then the mixed up template was from a game where I died months ago and played at least 3 Sandboxes in between.

Sadly at the time I did not know about the output log yet.

Will watch out too and write again if something similar happens again.

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