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Maybe it  is me being to greedy, but I feel that we haven't had much content in TLD for a long time?  I've played TLD for a long time now and at the begging I thought what is this? this will never work people don't like to die all the time and limited resources what's up with that? Permadeth ? Then I played it for a while and I realized that this is actually survival game, everything else was just building games. In TLD there is no re-spawn there is no killing monsters for coins and LVL up it is do or die. After a while it was the only game I want to play. I still remember the comments of stubborn players who never gave up until the last match with no clothes on them because they decayed long time ago pushing 180, 200 days it was a challenge. I tried to follow their footsteps but failed, and after a while I realized that it was still missing lot of content. And then the updates came, first there was the new regions wow a whole new region to explore that was awesome. Especially DP that was the most amazing update for me, it brought new rules suddenly we had to step out of our comfort zone there was a new thing now called forging the arrows which ware easy to make now ware priceless. Same thing happens with TM  BAM!! no more repairing knives and hatchets now you have to sharpen them. I love this ever-changing style of TLD :) 

The last update  however didn't do that very much. Sure we now have to time our sleep cycles which is fun, and the challenges are awesome however I love the sandbox experience more It is like I am actually living there.  This doesn't mean that this update is bad on the contrary many things ware re-balanced like degrading of the matches, the meat it all fits perfectly now like a glove finally I can just explore without trying to remember where every single box of  matches spawns. But I just want to feel the rush again, so please PLEASE!!! let the next one be full of new stuff anything new is good Moose, cougar new mechanic to fit the new content maybe NPCS?? I would love to see that.

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