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Just a couple of ideas and or thoughts I had.

Being a bush pilot, as the character is, he/she would have a very good understanding of the area she/he flies over, hence at least a rudimentary map. A number of pilots fly with a thigh map for easy reference. The maps that are available are excellent, but within the game he/she would have a decent guess as to where the plane came down.

Airplane wreckage reasonably close to where the survivor starts would be realistic. Of course there could always be the option of our intrepid survivor, barely escape a burning wreck.

The addition of "Seasons" in the story version would add another dimension.

Overall I thoroughly enjoy the entire direction along with the enhancements projected and evolving. Keep up the great work!

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Again, plane that is located in TWM has nothing to do with survivor. Its a completely different plane, not to mention its way 2 far and faces in a different direction.

Finding or making a map(and compass) has been proposed multiple times, so far nothing.

Addition of seasons to the game would be a horrible idea. It would require remaking about 80% of the game, per each season. All maps would have be redrawn(be it lack of snow or trees with leafs), water physics added and modded, animal behavior alteration, different hazards, major alteration to exiting areas, etc etc etc. Id rather prefer devs continuing adding stuff to already existing biome, rather than just spending next year or two on simply adding seasons and stopping working on everything else.d

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