Coastal Highway Home - bug trying to harvest curtains


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Per the screen shot:



(945.1, 50.2, 504.2)


Tried harvesting two curtains with a yield of x2 cloth each. No cloth yield in inventory. No cloth on the counter (curtains were above the kitchen sink at this location) and nothing on the floor. (Edit to clarify location of curtains)

screen_(945, 50, 504)_8bdd6c2d-2687-46b4-a184-a8d0ca3a0aca.png

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A few weeks ago I was in the business of turning curtains (and everything else) into cloth in Coastal Highway, quite intensively :) In a few cases I encountered the same problem as WolfPoet, especially if the curtain was above some furniture. Note that sometimes the cloth is left "flying" in mid-air and can be easily overlooked.

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