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  1. So in this particular game, started 10/28/16 (during the 4 days of night event), when I came across another storm lantern (in the environment), I can only pick it up. It won't allow me to right-click on it to place it, which is a little ... odd. I wondered if it might have been an unusual bug related to 4 Days of Night, but I checked another game I've been playing since June and the same thing happened (although I admit that game was played into 4 Days of Night and out the other end). I'm sorry if this is a known issue, but I have searched here at the forums, but couldn't find a post about this. This appears to be the only thing I can't actually move-place in the game. Again, this is *not* a storm lantern in my inventory, and I've encountered this in more than one area in this save, and also in another game save. Everything else I can right click on and move around. My current experience of this is in the camp office. It's not game breaking or anything, it's just exceptionally odd.
  2. Hello, everyone. I live in Southern California and manage one of the few independent bookstores that remains in this area. I think (?) I bought this game 2 years ago at around this time of year, and I've experienced much joy, horror, excitement, and frustration since then (which I wouldn't exchange for anything). Curiously, it got me into watching "survival" (heavy quotes there, depending on the youtube channel) and bushcraft videos, which I had no interest in before. My first online gaming experience was Lord of the Rings Online (RIP, it seems - sad for that), then World of Warcraft. I wanted something different to play when I got tired of other games and started watching YouTube videos of survival games. While many were entertaining, I wasn't really interested in an FPS or zombie survival game. I think I watched 10 or more (probably more, I wanted to be sure) videos of people playing The Long Dark before I bought the game. I can't recommend it enough. Thanks Hinterland, for providing a thoughtful and intelligent solitary experience for this genre. Great community, too! WolfPoet
  3. I was just thinking in some depth tonight about how a detailed frostbite mechanic might work. I know there's something on the roadmap for it, implementation of which will be interesting to say the least. Muk_pile, that's a great list showing frostbite progression; I was thinking about some of the main points, but not considering %'s and so forth. Speaking from a story-telling point of view, I had this visual of needing to use something (rifle? if it's long enough, maybe?) as a crutch just to be able to walk better than a shuffle because of an amputation. Anyway, frostbite could potentially be a very frightening thing and I'm okay with that. I wonder how they will make it workable for gameplay. There are some great posts on this particular thread! (Because of time constraints, I don't get to the forums too often, but I love the conversations when I do.)
  4. Became literally stuck next to a tree coming down a hill in Mystery Lake. Perhaps it's just bad luck with the evironment? Attached is the debug screenshot. Couldn't find anything on a quick search of current bugs. I spent at least 5 minutes trying to move around to get out of it, but alas...
  5. Per the screen shot: V.302 Voyageur (945.1, 50.2, 504.2) COASTALREGION Tried harvesting two curtains with a yield of x2 cloth each. No cloth yield in inventory. No cloth on the counter (curtains were above the kitchen sink at this location) and nothing on the floor. (Edit to clarify location of curtains)
  6. Running V.301. I did not see this bug listed in the forums - and I did look - but it's possible I missed it. Fishing hut closest to Misanthrope's (if you were to orient the gas station on a map as being 'northeast'ish of Misanthrope)... I set a fire in the stove. It ignited, but when I went to cook food, it acted like I had not even set a fire yet (only brought up the sub-menu to start a fire). After exiting the hut and then re-entering it I was then able to access cooking. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure it was that hut, but if it wasn't, it was the one just "north" of Misanthrope (using the same gas station orientation as mentioned).
  7. Was in the area across from the camp office (over the train tracks) in ML where you can trap the rabbits. Snuck up on a deer and after I shot it, it disappeared completely and then ran away from me *far on the right* of where I shot it. It was the only deer in the area, so I have to assume it was the one that ran away. Pretty sure I am running the latest version on this play through. Maybe it was some weird lag spike? I don't know...
  8. Yes, I always treat injuries through the First Aid Interface. It still wouldn't allow me to use antiobiotics.
  9. Accidentally ate some raw meat in Mystery Lake. Had enough antibiotics to heal, but game would not let me take them. Finally got past the food poisoning with sleep.