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  1. Nice @Goodzilla !!! That's an amazing time without the stim in BR. Congrats!
  2. Nice guys, now we can have loper with guns... All that's left is to get this person to help you do dynamic snow, and you'll finally be able to introduce the community to another great Canadian tradition: snow shovelling
  3. Just a small update on this. I found 5 revolver bullets on my interloper run, 2 in HRV in the ice cave on the body, and 3 beside the body in a revolver in the cave above mystery lake. I was quite surprised. So I thought what the hell, and am now in the cannery and have created 5 new rounds!!! One bullet for each of the damn timberwolves.... No sign of any rifle bullets though...
  4. Yes, its all about stopping as little as possible... freezing with warmth buff is standard... I'm not sure if its a guaranteed spawn, the stim in the barn, maybe someone else can confirm. The time I found it was in the truck, but maybe I was just very lucky... there is a list somewhere online of all the stim locations, can't remember if Barn was on it...
  5. I guess one consequence of this is that if you want shell casings, you have to accept hatchets and hunting knives, so the usual loper push towards the furnace is altered... (I guess you still need arrow heads)
  6. Lol... I totally didn't see that setting as it was not in Gear, yes, it makes sense! Thank you very much @UpUpAway95
  7. okay that's helpful. I am 30 days into a loper run with loose item availability set to medium, and no bullets, so it must be one of the other settings...
  8. Hope you are recording, if you do it, I would LOVE to watch you.
  9. Great run @Goodzilla, I am glad that someone is still pushing this further! I too tried the switch from ravine across the dam to TWM and finishing in DP. I've spent a long time trying to work out which route is quicker... In both you have to do TWM-> DP, its a question of whether ravine to TWM or ravine to DP is quicker... One advantage of ravine to TWM is that you can pick up the extra stim from the barn in PV, I thought that this would be significant, until I realised that you can't fully use the stim in the lighthouse because you are already too near the last grave to get a full kick from it. I'm sorry you've had bad luck with the weather, it really is a huge factor and I was very lucky with my record run. As you can imagine, there were many other runs where I didn't get the luck... Keep going though man, I hope you nail 1 day 16 hours, that would be absolutely amazing!
  10. So have we got consensus on the settings that affect the amount of shell casings in the world? I thought I'd read somewhere that its not just about the "code" you use but also depends on the difficulty level you start your custom settings based off of.... I just don't really understand how it works. I am currently trying a loper game but with loose item spawn rate raised to medium (and no condition recovery and low harvestables) and I haven't found any shell casings yet... I wonder if it would be different if I had started with a stalker game setup and then changed all the settings to loper... (Not sure if its faulty logic, but I read somewhere it changes the base "loot tables".... Can anyone give clarity?
  11. @dbmurph22 in the past as in , in the past on loper or in the past on different settings?
  12. Well if anyone finds shellcasings in BI on loper please let me know
  13. I've cleared TWM summit multilple times on interloper, and PV farmhouse and town, and Quornset gas station, I've played a lot of loper before. only gun stuff I've ever seen is in HRV, a rare revolver spawn with one ammo in it at the signal fire, and two bullets in one of the central "rooms" in the ice caves, when there are two bodies that spawn there... IMHO they just didn't think of the game case where you select loper loot + rifle and revolver spawns. I mean, for it to work you'd have to also add rare shell casing spawns, and I just don't think they got round to it. Its not a biggie, it was a huge update with lots of excellent content, but it would be a nice fix to have, otherwise if we want to play with the new toys we are forced to work off stalker loot.
  14. So.... I want interloper, but I want to try the new ammo crafting. So I select revolver and rifle spawns in custom off interloper settings. I start. I find a revolver, yeay. I find a rifle, yeay... I continue... I continue... I find this and that... I get two ropes, I go to ravine... I am a little concerned that I haven't found ONE - SINGLE - SHELL CASING.... I die a week later... NOT ONE SINGLE SHELL CASING.... Discuss.
  15. 1D 19H This time with narration...