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  1. Don't know if it was proposed or discussed about it 😅 So as we all know most of the dishes requires a little sparkle of salt, so almost in every house you can found it. Well sugar maybe are little scarcer in these times and maybe we can remove it from this topic right away. But salt is quite unique ingredient, it is capable to lower freezing point and also prolonging food validity. My suggestion is adding at least salt and make it interactive with raw food (prolonging food condition). It also might have some interaction with carcasses maybe? But we also know that salt makes us quite thirsty, so if we use that food we would get more thirsty. Also there is sugar mentioned in topic, maybe adding sugar to coffee or teas could give it more calories, or... We could eat it right away - and get calories, but if we use it to much it could have some kinda of consequences. Moreover I'm interested in idea of smoking fish, but I think I saw somewhere this topic so i'm not getting it too wide with this food interacting. Its kinda discussion topic, I would like to hear all of yours opinions on this, maybe I could find some tips of conserving food :)