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  1. good tip! I'll try to get back to the cave and take another look, if I survive that long... I think it must have glitched into the rocks somehow. When you drop something on purpose it always lands correctly on the ground so it's difficult to understand why this would happen though
  2. I heard a bear and ran into the nearest cave , it followed me in and attacked, I managed to shot a couple of arrows in it , anyway after barely surviving this I noticed by bow had now disappeared ! I looked everywhere in the cave, all I found was a fishing tackle?! Is this something that can just happen, sometimes? is the bow stuck in the bear or something (I haven't found it yet if it bleed out somewhere) h
  3. thanks for the info guys! So far I have only found containers marked 'empty', no gun or rounds or drinks but I have found a revolver book! I'll keep looking then!
  4. in short : I'm playing a game I had going well before steadfast ranger, will a revolver/bullets still spawn in? if so, will it only spawn places I have not already checked? or can it magically appear in a car I visited earlier and that was empty at that time for instance. Problem is I already visited most places so if thats how it works I don't have much hope for finding it