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  1. Hi, I am survivorKP, from southern California. I am relatively new to the game, having played it since Steadfast Ranger came out (actually started on the same day of the update). I love this game! It has the right balance of survival challenges and realism, the topic is something that's been a fantasy of mine since I was a young child: go out into the woods and learn to live off the land. I am currently playing survival mode- a mix of difficulties to really bring out the challenge of extreme cold weather survival with super hostile wildlife, but plentiful item spawn and resources forgiving to the new player unfamiliar with all the mechanics just yet. Been mostly in Mountain Town where I chose to start, but making my way to ML, maybe explore towards FM and BR. In real life I know quite a bit about wilderness survival, although having much more limited opportunities to practice. Still, I do what I can, so one day I can move into the wilderness and make a virtual dream a reality (minus the end of the world part).