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  1. Great point! I have pondered similar issues in the game, however the dam reservoir hadn't been one of them. You are correct though, here in New Zealand there are lots of dams and hydro electric is pretty big, and they all have significant make made lakes on the side feeding the dam (from damming the river of course). I have always been impressed by the attention to detail in the creation of the maps in TLD, but this is definitely a oversight, especially given the Carter Hydro Dam is really huge.
  2. This answer doesn't so much include spoilers, but does talk about the logistics of high level loot spawning in Interloper, so if you want to stay in the dark and play your own way, then I would suggest you don't keep reading haha. There are only four set of spawns in interloper for the high level gear, namely - hacksaw, hammer, mag lens, firestriker, bedroll, and storm lantern. If you play interloper enough, then you begin to learn the patterns. For example, if you find a hacksaw in one place, then you know there will be a hammer in this certain place. It takes a decent amount of
  3. I am a bit of an outlier in the community, I absolutely love Forlong Muskeg, definitely my favourite map. Spend most of my time on interloper on this map (or on Marsh Ridge and Milton Basin) and I know the map very well. Couldn't tell you the last time I fell through the ice or got stopped by a predator crossing the frozen bog. However, than all changed today. I started off a new interloper run, FM spawn, yuss! I was feeling like getting some early forging done this time, so I ran to trappers (not my normal play), and it had the heavy hammer. Rushed to the pond at dusk to grab the firest
  4. The motherload of loot is found on the summit of Timberwolf Mountain, you simply must go there at least once. Stuff for days and stunning views! Otherwise you can spend a good hour looting the dam in Mystery Lake. A couple of other good spots are in Pleasant Valley, the Farmstead and Signal Hill (which on lower levels spawns top level clothing always).
  5. I reckon you hit the nail on the head. The way we play interloper is flawed and relies on exploiting the starvation mechanic by only eating at night before sleeping and then starving the character throughout the day. In reality, how many of us would be comfortable walking through thick snow for hours a day on an empty stomach, it would be near impossible! As you referenced that it took 10 days longer to make it to the summit maintaining the well feed buff, this probably is more realistic. If you were in this situation then you would look to keep yourself feed, and if the world was this cold an
  6. Hey well done, very impressive! Was wondering how much you have played interloper before this crazy run? I am new to interloper and getting towards 10 days for the first time (like my 3rd run), but don't see myself getting near that amount! Do you have to fail a lot to get this good, or can you pick it up pretty easy?
  7. I have played plenty of stalker on TM and I love the region, my favourite longterm base. I live out of the Mountaineers Hut and with +24C clothing you will have no issues surviving in the hut at night without a fire. To be safe though, I make a habit of sleeping in 4-5 hour stints just in case there is a crazy cold blizzard outside, but on stalker I have never experienced any weather than +24C clothing plus bed warmth in the hut hasn't overcome. Like peteloud said, leave the guns - well definitely leave the hunting rifle cos that is damn heavy, and if you aren't confident with the bow then bri
  8. Oh the flare gun still spawns on interloper right, so that is another option at a push.
  9. Oh yea of course I know that, the struggles was referring to wolves, I should have been more clear about that. As I expected, it really does limit the option of staying in one area then. Although you can definitely live off fish and deer in say TWM still, just by pushing the deer into the wolves and then throwing stones at them.
  10. It is only possible to kill a wolf, bear or moose in TLD by shooting it with a gun or bow, or with a hatchet or knife in a struggle right? So in interloper you simply must get to a forge and get arrowheads and improvised tools in order to kill these animals. There isn't something really obvious that I am forgetting? There is no way to kill wolves with heavy hammer or prybar, it simply scares them off?
  11. In pilgrim and voyager you will be woken before its too late but still cold. However luckily any fire of any temperature will start to warm you up, so you should be fine. On stalker and interloper you don't get woken, so if you go to sleep in a freezing area or the temperature takes a turn for the worse during the night... well lets just say you are never waking up from that sleep.
  12. I personally love Forlorn Muskeg and have spent a lot of time surviving in it. Yet there always seems to be a lot of hate for it, with many players avoiding it at all costs, except maybe to exploit it for quick looting and/ or forging. A visually stunning and distinctive region to me, there are few greater challenges in the game than living out of the run down Spence Homestead. So I am interested to see what people actually think about it...
  13. Oh yea I have read this and similar posts. I know there isn't a lot of love for FM but that isn't specifically because of the way it looks, more because of the harsh weather, persistent fog, high population of wolves and the big one, WEAK ICE (which takes very little time to figure out). You find that a lot of the survivalist type players love FM whereas the newer players tend to avoid it and stick with the regions that are easy to live in, like ML and CH. I was like that initially, I used to try play on FM because the landscape fascinated me, but I was never good enough to survive that long o
  14. Differences in opinion clearly. For me, FM is aesthetically beautiful, has the best scenery of all the regions. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother trying to survive there given the harsh climate.
  15. Yea I was reading your survival store last night, very impressive stuff! At the stage I am probably going to stick around TW for the time being. However, I previously have done a stalker survival where I restricted myself to FM and Milton Basin (just because I love it in the basin), and that went really well. Figured out that I could build a snow shelter half inside the Spence Homestead if positioned perfectly so was receiving the warmth bonus from both, making it very comfortable to live out of the homestead. I know this is really practical on Interloper as you can't find enough cloth for the