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  1. 1 photo: "Think I'll leave this farm" 2 photo: There's another corpse in the house Quick story once I was walking though a cave and came across two corpse's and it seemed the two got into a fight and one shot the other and then died also
  2. IDK if this was brought up before and if it was feel free to tell me; Snowshoes as a new clothing accessory, you can find ones made of metal and maintain them with scrap and basic tools or craft some yourself with cured animal gut and cured saplings, pros- reduces chance of wet clothing and allows faster walking movement and uphill climbs, (especially in fields or forests) cons- massive hit to your sprinting bar, when being mauled with them on definite chance of sprained ankles, obviously can't wear them inside or climbing ropes, (would cause them to degrade faster, and potential injuries) and then there's weight, (hmm they seem to be more of a detriment then a benefit) that's all I got on the subject, leave your thoughts would love to see what people think.
  3. My Dad is an independent prospector and has a claim in the heart of the Yukon, and has had me with him some summers helping him out, his claim area is around 33 square km, (which he spent weeks staking in January); one summer he and I went up to the Yukon to hike out onto the property to do some work it took us 3-4 days to get to his Base camp, both of us carrying around 50kg of food and survival gear as well as tools for the job, (which wasn't easy) we're hiking through swamps, up massive hills crossing rivers that are as high as our wastes and could easily sweep us away with one miss step, but we eventually made it to our base camp, (after climbing a small mountain, or very large hill side) once we got to our camp we set up our tents, a lean-to and fire pit, and over the next 6 weeks out there we hiked 100's of km to areas of interest and generally trying not to get severely injured as its not so easy to just leave, one day when returning to our camp we found it raided, and my dad after some looking around spotted a bear near by watching us, grizzly, I then went to grab our shotgun and some air horns and we promptly hazed it off by shooting off bird shot, blowing our air horns and shouting some nasty death threats should it think twice and return, it didn't, after that it was work as usual and when it was over we packed up and hiked out (which was considerably faster only taking a day and a half), the next summer we took a helicopter out than hike.