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  1. So my question is this will there ever be a realistic backpack system?For example I don’t deny that one could carry 77+ lbs ofgear but the type of gear matrers too.You would need a huge backpack lol.So do you think there will ever be a backpack that has a limited amount of slots?
  2. So I was wondering:Seeing as how the Long Dark is so immersive will there ever be VR for it?
  3. As I fell asleep, my ears finally made peace with the wind howling through the open building I was in and I could see the last of the dying embers reflecting off the wall from the pot bellied stove in the corner,I wondered; "Will I make it through this storm , will I see the morning?Or will I be like the man up against the wall, eaten away by the white biting snow? I never awoke...the Long Dark had claimed yet another life... My name’s David and I’m loving the game!It’s so different from other games that I’ve played in that it’s Player vs Environment.It’s so cool and I can’t wait to get a better PC so I can play it better.Have a happy New Year everyone and happy trails.