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  1. ALright. I think I was absolutely over prepared by day 2. Day 3, and day 4 where boring, sorry :c
  2. I got a very, very good place. I'm in Pleasant Valley, and currently hoarding 40 pieces of coal, 129 pieces of reclaimed wood, 20 pieces of firewood, a single firelog (too heavy to carry around tbh), I just got myself 10l of water, I have around 18 candy bars, and unknown amounts of tea/coffee for now. And I'm not even finished with taking apart all the furniture in the homestead AND the basement! I also found four caches, 2 in ML, and 2 in PV, with the last, just as I was about to give up, holding a RIFFLE! Yay! (I ONLY got 42 rounds of ammo for that one, though). Really happy with how it all went, and I just idled around today, and am starting to boil water now, only 22minutes left of my two hours for today, but I really wanted to go and hunt down a wolf for more food. EDIT: ... the Pleasant Valley Farmstead now looks like a Wolf Cemetary. Killed six, have now (left) 12 kg of meat, time to retire for today. Tomorrow, Glowing Wolf Hunt.