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  1. Well, my tail took a bad turn. The bear eventually attacked me. I was chopping a cedar branch maybe half way between the fishing village and the tooth rock thing-y. Just at the end of chopping I could see the shadow of the bear pass. When I came out of chopping mode he passed me and was a short distance down the road. I figured I should move sooner rather than later and that little bit seemed to trigger him. Or maybe I just got unlucky because he managed to turn and spot me... I don't know. Anyhow when I heard him grunt and roar I new I was in trouble. I panicked and ran but he caught me. Lots of clothing damage and knocked down to 20 percent condition. After I heal up a bit I'm gonna take the few odds and ends from the fishing village and stay clear for the foreseeable future. I'm primarily living in one of the ice fishing huts on the ice at this point. I'll fight a wolf if I have to, but bears... no thanks.
  2. "Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!" - Ozymandias BY PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY
  3. How did I not realize that you can sew with fishing tackle. D'oh!
  4. I do like the Coastal Highway, but I am steering clear of the fishing village; I'll risk the wolves at the QH for a workbench instead. Being out on the ice is nice though... you can see the wolves from a long way off.
  5. nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope
  6. I really like the ice fishing huts (the ones out on the ice) that have doors and wish there were more of them, or that the doors were fixable. I wish that at least some of the fishing cabins (the ones on shore close to the ice fishing huts) had stoves. IRL, I've stayed in small cabins like that on hunting trips and it just feels natural that a cabin like that ought to have a small wood stove in it.
  7. Best thing about The Long Dark is exploring a new map. Almost all of my play throughs have been centered around Broken Railroad, Milton, Forlorn Muskeg, and Mystery Lake. But tonight, on day 30 and thanks to two days of good fishing, I have enough supplies to explore the tracks past the Carter Hydro Dam. New maps to explore tonight. Very excited!
  8. My luck has turned since I broke three lines and only caught two fish. In the next two game days I must have pulled in close to two dozen fish without a line break. W00T!
  9. I think there is also a bit of vitamin C in cattails as well.
  10. Yikes, that is bad luck then. IIRC, I'm suppose to have an 8% chance of a line break on a catch. I had 3 breaks out of 5 then. That's a 60% fail rate. It reminds me, when early in the game, I have a 70% chance of building a fire and it still takes me 3 attempts to get it lit (always hate the waste of matches) :-( At least there isn't a way for me to mess up chopping up branches for firewood <cut scene to this evening where I get attacked by wolves when chopping wood> I also roll poorly in D&D ;-P
  11. Quick question, are fishing lines more likely to break when you are tired? I was traveling around Mystery Lake and stayed out a bit too late without my bed roll. Ended up staying awake all night by a cozy fire. Next morning after I hiked back to the lake office I decided to catch a few fish for breakfast before nap time. I figured 2 hours ought to do it but it didn't go so well. First two hour fishing attempt got cut in half with a broken line and no fish. I manged two more broken lines and only two fish with a few more one hour fishing sessions. And I am at level two fishing and this was my absolute worst outing at fishing. Other than chance, I can only imagine that my fatigue level at the time (I was at less than twenty five percent) factored in.
  12. I've got two critter mysteries in Mystery Lake. There is a deer outside the Lake Office who is sometimes there, sometimes not. Thing is when it's not there I cant figure out where it went. And there is a lone wolf at the southern side of Mystery Lake by the burnt out cabin who does the same thing, sometimes there, sometimes not. The deer disappears for days at a time. And the wolf, saw him one day, went back the next with the rifle to take care of him but he wasn't there. I spent what was about 6 in game hours chopping wood and collecting sticks with nary a sign. Seriously, I was expecting to be attacked at any time. Turns out I don't see the wolf again for about a three or four days before it disappears again. I can only guess that there is some subtle change to animal roaming habits with the last update maybe. I also notice that when I shoot, but don't kill, a wolf or deer that they seem to run away in a straighter path instead of more crazy zig zaging I had seen in the past. Anyone else noticing any thing else like this? Or maybe I'm just noticing a normal variation that I didn't pick up on before? One other note, with wolf fear at high, I think I've seen my first wolf run in fright. The wolf was kind of far (quite a bit further than other wolves I shoot unawares) but it looked at me and then yelped and ran off a short ways before returning to his patrol in Broken Railroad.
  13. Once upon a time I was mauled by a bear and had to crawl back to Main Street in Milton past at least two hungry wolves. Since then I make it a point to set up "safe places" all over the maps. I make sure there is, at minimum, a good supply of firewood and a good cache of food. In ML, I have the main base at the lake office, but there is a locker full of food and another of clothes at the dam; a good supply of fire wood and some food at the logging camp, the trapper cabin, and a fishing hut (with door) on the lake. Currently setting up a snow shelter, firewood and food store in Muskeg in a northern part of the map under a little rock overhang by the hunters blind. I've got a few more places picked out to store up some emergency supplies. I did have one occasion, caught outdoors very late, blizzard coming on, where I had to use the safe place in Muskeg, Went thru over a days worth of wood trying to keep warm and wait out the blizzard and the night. These little safe spaces make me feel a bit more confident about traveling further from home base. If I get into trouble, I don't have too far to go to get some relief.
  14. I literally had the same exact thing happen to me at that very spot. I was taken down to 10% and barely got away alive. Came back a few days later after i healed up to shoot the SOB. That just made him mad. Oh well, it was a good run while it lasted.
  15. Richard Adam's Watership Down was an awesome book and pretty good movie. My favorite parts were the interludes where they told stories about their rabbit hero El-ahrairah, the Prince with a Thousand Enemies. Legend has it the book came from the improvised stories Adams told to his daughters. Also, warning... one of Richard Adam's other books is called Plague Dogs. It is an awesome book but it is one of the best books I will never read again.