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  1. TBH i dont care about the story mode at all, but i know there are a few people who enjoy playing it. I'm kinda disopointed that there are no changes for survival mode. I know the last update was für survival mode, but still.. Nothing to do about it. Maybe there will be an survival mode update next year. Till then i will wait and play some Super Mario Bros.
  2. I would love to see more different animals. Its now nearly 4 years since TLD came out.. I love Hunting the common Wildlife, but sometimes after so many years its getting quite boring to be honest.... Ofc it shouldt not be like a zoo , where u can see every 3 meters a bunch of animals. Even just the implementation of Foxes would be great. If the goal of this game is to give the player a realistic survival experince ( and yes i think that this is the goal of TLD * new cooking system ) the number of different animals should be increased for sure.
  3. Here is an example i want to share with u guys ( yea its the german version ). 0.12 Kgr.( rabbit meat)/ 56cal/ 1 hour...... thats so frustrating....
  4. Yep. Samething happend to me. 1h 14mins for 91 cal rabbit meat.....
  5. Totally agreed. For me it feels like nearly half of ingame day time is about cooking or finding wood so u can make a fire for cooking.. I cant enjoy the full amount of game experience i got used to. and that makes me sad. I just want to list my issues with this new Update ( no flame, just my opinion ) : -cooking time to long, and need also more wood to keep the fire burning - cooking pot should be unbreakble ( thats realistic ) -the amount of cal u get from cooked food are in relation to the cooking time way to low. I know that balancing a game is not ez. But pls Dev's just think again about this points. Its not like i'm a "Hater" who want to get on your nerves, I'm saying all this because i loved this game and seeing it in this condition makes me really sad. I played it everynight while i listend to my Harry Potter audiobook collection and it was awesome.
  6. I have to say, that I'm more as disappointed about this new cooking system. Not about the whole cooking mechanic per se, but about this long cooking times... thats kinda insane and not fun to play. I mean 3 hours für melting/boiling 2L water? C'mon thats for from reality.... It's snow! since when needs snow so much time to melt and boil over a fire!? and not just the water, like everything takes way to long for cooking. Right now i need like 4-5 hours ( ingame ) to cook, sry but no. I used to loved this game but thats insane. I dont wanna play a unrealistic cooking simulator. I want the "real"survival simulator back... But till then im out. i forgot something... Why in the name of god does the cooking Pot have a condition??? Thats not realistic at all! I‘m using the same cooking pots since 7 years! I just dont know what to say anymore.