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  1. Is it possible that the game will be updated this year ? i have been looking forward to some more content, is there going to be any ? is this game going to die unfinished and unsung ? please put us out of our misery and tell us the awesomeness we can expect to see SOON !!
  2. there is no reason to continue playing once the basics have been achieved and all the maps have been explored. there needs to be upgrades to things and reasons to continue exploring.
  3. Too late came the cry. It doesn't matter when people talk about these things, The fact is some one may talk about something that has been done before many times. But they may come up with something that has never been thought of and is a sublime idea. so for my money its a case of let the people talk and keep an eye open for genius.
  4. plus why do people even bother to reply and say "its been discussed before" who cares. its being discussed now, here.
  5. so you would rather rely on a glitch in the software than a compass. And as for the geo storm, its a game and anything is possible.
  6. There should be a compass in the plane anyway, easy to find it in the snow after the crash. great idea
  7. I wish the next sandbox update would come out to give me a reason to go back into the world and survive.
  8. Thats a cool idea. warm drinks in a thermos would be a life saver if your out and get hypothermia.
  9. I love the game, i have only put 138 hours in but have enjoyed every one of them. my problem is once you have played the game and every map there needs to be something more to bring me back again. Secret content would be good. things to find that you know are on a map but have no idea where. treasure maps, scrawl on a wall leading to a stash.
  10. we know that the game wont have multi player or co op from Hinterland, but maybe the game could be thrown open to the modding community who do some fantastic work. I dont want to waste my time arguing with anyone over the merits or placement of comments so im not gonna.
  11. So go read something else. no one is making you read this. it was meant to be a discussion to see if people like or dislike the idea. nothing more. sorry i didn't buy the game instantly and havn't been on the forums long.
  12. yes indeed, but surely before big industry came to rob the island it would have had its own small mill to service the comunity.
  13. because it adds to the game. perhaps at some point you would be able to build your own house, after all with all the wood you should be able to do a log cabin. and not one of those tiny cabins with no use.
  14. Still the islanders would also want logs for timber since everything is wood there. so i think a local lumber mill would be a must, it may even be derelict but accessible.
  15. The idea that you would have to track your friend down in a multiplay / co op would be awesome, except of course you could chat over voip and tell each other were you are. but i do like the idea of tracking another human down rather than just your ex who crashed in the same place as you but could not be bothered to try find you. Hell she only had to check out the wreckage ! Last favour i do for the woman !!