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    New Feat Idea

    This feat could be called something along the lines of 'One with nature' or something to that affect. It would be achieved by reaching a large number of encounters with wolves and bears but getting away without taking any damage. This feat would allow the player to have quieter footsteps, a smaller detection radius for animals, and be better at hiding scent from both wolves and bears.
  2. I cannot light a new torch with an already lit torch that I throw to the ground. Instead it keeps wasting my matches. Help!
  3. One of the only downsides to the Long Dark is that the concept of survival can become tedious when there are no goals to strive for other than not dying to the cold. I believe this is a totally new area for content creation that could really take this game from really good to amazing. One idea I think would fit in flawlessly is an upgrade system. I must admit that this concept is not my own and I first heard the streamer and youtuber Atheenon speak about it. This new content could utilize a skill, "crafting", and over time could be given different tiers of improvement with levels in the Crafting skill. Experience would be given to the player after crafting any sort of equipment or tools. This means that with additional time and resources you could improve your tools, weapons, and clothing. These requirements and materials should be difficult to obtain and should give bonuses relative to the skill level. It could make tools faster, stronger, and last longer while giving clothing better bonuses with less weight. The upgrades would take time and materials which would give more purpose to the naturally excessive gathering and stashing of resources the player does anyway. Giving a risk of over-investment into upgrades could land players into sticky situations in terms of food, water, matches, or clothing and, therefore, add a new layer of challenge to the player in the realm of resource management. There are infinite possibilities in this arena so I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts. Maybe Hinterland will even see something they like and add it to the game :)!
  4. Found mine on the bed inside the Radio Control Hut in Pleasant Valley. Hope this helps!
  5. There is no doubt in my mind that The Long Dark is one of the greatest survival games of all time; however, I have one problem with it. The game has no definite way to survive forever other than to wait for the next map release and hope it contains what you need! In a way this makes the player's destiny feel somewhat less realistic( immersive) and certainly less inspiring. One would like to believe that after surviving for 1,000+ days in a given environment that the knowledge and skill to become totally independent of the variable resources that are placed throughout the different maps would have been obtained already. Perhaps this is part of the bigger message. Subtly suggesting that there is no way to escape The Long Dark that inevitably will come and kill you, but wouldn't it be just as poetic to believe that there is a way to survive indefinitely? That the player's destiny rests within his or her own hands! It would make committing more time to playing to the The Long Dark much easier since one knows that the length of ones own survival is based more on the user's practice, knowledge, and skill rather than finding that lucky extra box of matches under a car seat. What I'm suggesting is not a way to make the game easier; in fact, I am completely against anything that would make this game even the slightest bit easier. What I am suggesting is that there is a very, very late game mechanic that would somehow allow the player to generate the absolute, bare-bone necessities. This process would need to be extremely difficult and only viable with the proper planning, skill levels, tools, and knowledge. With a game mechanic like this the sky becomes the limit for the most experienced of players. I have really high expectations for some of the potential achievements that could be accomplished by using this concept. I really want to know other peoples thoughts or suggestions on this topic, hopefully even the developers too, so please comment! Thanks, Jdavis30