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  1. Thanks for the great info! So it seems a really good idea to level up the revolver skill after all, and that if you have skill close to 3 or better, it really becomes a more effective struggle option. Yes, I tend to rely heavily on my sturdy hatchet at the beggining since it works really good. But maybe at mid-late game, I should start using more the revolver unless I wanna hunt bear or moose, in which case I always go with rifle (if I have one, if not I just go with bow.. specially against moose, I really prefer the rifle). Do you know if the shot fired at the end of the struggle makes the wolf bleed? (if it hits the wolf). I agree, bow is the most versatile weapon in game (weight, kill potential, access) but I tend to prefer the rifle (even though its heavier and ammo is rare) against bear and specially moose. With bow, I shot a moose down with like 4-8 arrows (and broken ribs) but with rifle (I am pretty good with its aiming, even before the changes) I have managed to bring down moose in 1 shot (head crit ) or 2 shots (without having broken ribs ) . That and it has happened to me when shooting arrows at wolves that sometimes the arrow, when hits the target, it breaks and dont wound it which (if I am not lucky to make it flee) ends in a costly struggle. Those factors are usually why I prefer rifle. Only downside of rifle is that it is not a good idea to shoot down wolves since ammo is rare so now with the revolver, I have the tool for that (I play custom with a mix of stalker-interloper settings)
  2. Hi guys! First topic I start. Since the introduction of the revolver in Steadfast Ranger and the new struggle option that comes with it (gun-whipping wolves and shooting them in the face), I have been wondering how effective it is in a struggle. I am not a fan of the revolver (I cant still get the hang of it, maybe that's why) since it isn't as deadly as the rifle (which I always use if I found one) but with the new option in struggle, it may be a good idea to carry the revolver on scout or harvesting missions cause it's really light. I haven't had any struggles with a revolver on my character so I cant tell the difference. I have been looking for data on this (how good is revolver vs wolves but it covers more the shooting aspect) but I didn't find detailed info regarding the struggle effectiveness. So that is what I am asking here.. has anyone used it? How well/bad did it go? Any thoughts/opinions on it? I am really looking for feedback here so I can make a better choice to see if I want to use revolver or not and what weapons I have to carry according to that choice. Thanks in advance
  3. I hope it is not added to the game... It already has a lot of difficulty and I think, as others said, that would distract the player from other more important activities
  4. Tecnically it is an infonite fire making tool but if it is cloudly weather and/or storms u are basically screwed so in practice it is not infinite...
  5. Yeah that would be really good and pretty useful!
  6. It is a nice idea and preetty useul would be nice to see it ingame... I gotta admit that with Cooking level 5 u dont have that problem anymore but it's a nice idea anyways
  7. That would be really useful IMHO especially for people who are learning the maps and want to mark where u have been before...
  8. Thanks for the answer! Just have another question.. I know that a fire wont stop the charge of a bear, but can the fire stop from coming closer to you? For example if u are harvesting a deer, have a fire going and a bear comes walking near you.. does it stop? or it doesnt give a s*** about the fire too?
  9. Hi guys! Wanna ask u about bears and how they interavt with campifures you build... since yesterday 2 of them ran over them and mauled me over the fire.. Does campfire offer some protection against bears? I would like to know so that I plan my next encounters accordingly without so much risk of dying Thanks!
  10. I think that it could be possible to habe a crossbow in game.. just needs some negative points to balance it... I am talking about the improvised crossbow.. Someone said to give stamima cost per reload.. that is a nice way to limit its use.. Make bolts heavier than arrows and harder to craft.. Make the crossbow heavy.. like 2.5-3.5kg Make it hard to craft at the forge... dont know exactly how but could help to balance it.. Someone said that the strings decay really fast.. make it lose condition faster and more with use... could maybe be hard to repair (quality or simple tools only?) And last... if we think it uses the Archery skill, put requirement to use.. like lvl 3 Archery or more... to really have it like a nice choice but it is reaaly harder to obtain it and (not less so) maintain it.. I think that in late game runs it wouldnt be so problematic to have a nice weapon since by that time u already should be well set for surviving... That is a the suggestions that come to my mind... iff someone finds another pls comment and share ur ideas I love crossbows and I would llve to see them ingame even if they are not that bad weapon and I think that as a community we can suggest lots of ideas to make it a nice, viable and balanced option to add to this beatiful game
  11. I dont like it either... it is very difficult IMHO to make fire with it, especially in winter and snowy places... but I dont mind if it is added to game! Though I would rather prefer the flint and steel I would love to see a flint and steel! Hard to use early in game with (maybe?) fire starting level requirement and crafted at forge... that would make it pretty balanced and help a lot in long term survival without depending too much on the mag glass
  12. Someone correct me if I am mistaken but I think that even if you leave your meat outside of a bulding (so that it decays way slower than keeping it inside), be raw or cooked and wolves like hanging around that place, they don't eat your meat... I haven't lost food pieces to scavenging (except when used as decoy but that is not the case here)
  13. Same here Could be a possible idea... I mean, it is not that hard to use a slingshot I think?
  14. I discovered it just a few days ago and I have been playing for a month or two hahahaha I think the improvised whetstone would be a little OP in my humble opinion because you could maintain your best tools forever
  15. @darkstarmike yes, it is possible to kill bear with the bow.. Personally I killed a bear once with one bow shot but just once! Normally it takes me 2-3 arrows... if I don't miss! Respecting the moose, I found that (for me at least) it is a bit more difficult to bring down since it doesn't bleed out like other animals but I have seen people bring it down with 2 arrows in Youtube.. For me it took 5-6 arrows and two sets of broken ribs I agree with you in that! Maybe it could have bow skill level 2-3 or something like that to use?