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  1. Hello. I have enjoyed, and will continue to enjoy playing the long dark, as its original game play, and very exciting for me - I have now experience playing multi player games....Now I understand what it could mean about having multi player for long dark game......I think if Hinterland were to introduce this in one of the sand boxes of play ie like they have already introduced different kinds of play in the new sand box mode, then I think it could possibly work with the long dark.But bearing in mind that playing the long dark is a very special play for oneself when its yourself just playing, I do find it personal and enjoyable playing it.I think now that multi player could be an option for Hinterland to look into. As it may take the long dark to another level of playing a very different way for us gamers to play it. I think it should perhaps be introduced because it would enhance and improve & develop the game for players who already play games in multi player games, and also for the experienced players of long dark.Multi players in the long dark will of course change the game play in many ways. ie when you come across wolves or bears the other players could jump in and help you defeat/kill the animals...but then how do you share the kill?? I mean how would you share the meat to survive? Because right now you take all the loot for yourself, and with multi player the loot would have to be shared right?..Its a good thought for Hinterland to try and test the waters for Long Dark, introducing multi player (in another sand box mode). Yep . I would like to know what other people on here think also. As I have only being playing the long dark for a few months, and thoroughly love it to bits, it is a fantastic game. Even if it was kept as it is , its always going to be a novelty to play for me. Its changed from December with updates, all which are very good, interesting and challenging ....for someone like myself, considering I have not played games before. Until I was introduced to the Long Dark.
  2. Hi, I really like the the underground bunkers, that have loads of food & drink. If only these bunkers also had spare Ammunition as well as a gun. That would be a very exciting find.
  3. kaneeze63


    yes, a warm blanket or poncho is good idea - oh and improvising using it as bedroll is probably life saving, when you dont have a bedroll to start off with in some of the other modes of play . By crafting a poncho also adding to crafting skills too - especially if you are at the summit in cabin fever
  4. thank you for your welcome .... I have some positive issues with the long dark - and constructive views also. Bit early here in UK get back to you soon