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  1. OKAY I know this sounds bad but what if you added the ability to kill yourself with painkillers. Because sometimes while exploring you can find dead people with painkillers around them like 4 bottles of the stuff and I assumed they killed themselves with painkillers by accident or on purpose ( I mean thats what I assumed ) KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK YOU GUYS!!!!!
  2. nice had to figure the blanket one out myself, rip my wool mittens
  3. When I heard that things were getting beautified at the quonset I was thinking "nice, now the place will actualy look like a gas station" but I noticed that on one of the destroyed vehicles you could lift the hood then this.
  4. You can make unlimited torches a this guy and his fire rip
  5. I love this game but there are things like this that bring the game to a 8.9 instead of a 9.5. As you can see I have encountered either a glitch or a mistake and I have seen quite a few things like this i.e. no collision on rocks on hat creek at FM and falling trough the walls in lonely lighthouse but I still love this game please continue being positive.
  6. Thank you for your help I would not have been able to keep playing this game if I could not complete this side quest due to my completionist nature
  7. I really hope so because this game still sits at the top of my favorite list above all others at a thin margin that is getting thinner
  8. Well I have been playing the long dark I had just earned Jeremiah`s side quest old Letters so I went to forlorn muskeg as I needed to, well making the trip to the bunker the Aurora spawned and some cold weather so I stopped and made a fire at high blind hoping to sleep the night. The next day I made it the bunker and found out it was electricity locked so I had to wait for another Aurora to spawn so I could go in and burn some letters so I go sleep in the cave nearby trough the day and wait during night time, rinse and repeat maybe 30 to 40 times an it still has not spawned I had to kill