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  1. So a major warning to people frequenting the 'Long Curve' area in Pleasant Valley. The little frozen over lake isn't so frozen after all It glitched out and I landed in the area below, stuck for good. Just quit and reload you might say. Well I sprained my ankle falling in ... First impression, after a pretty decent Custom Interloper run, meh Beware!
  2. I'm really worried about this new update. I've been absent from the game for a while, because the last survival game I started, got utterly destroyed by bugs/updates, to the point of being unplayable. It killed my drive for the game. Now I'm super excited for the game again, with all the changes since. It's been about 8 months or so. I'm aware the update is next week, but I'm really hesitant to start a new survival game, due to worries based on experience. Christmas is soon, and that throws a cog into the wheel of time for games. If I start now on a new game, can i be 100% certain aspects of it won't get utterly destroyed when the update comes? Game testing can only spot a finite amount of bugs. What would be nice to know, would be an exact launchday next week. If it's monday/tuesday I'd rather start a new survival game then, but if it's thursday/friday/saturday, that changes things.
  3. I can only speak from live experience. Feat-progress works in Custom. Haven't reached, nor will I for quite some months, 500 days achievement. That would be the only way for me to test that aspect.
  4. Why would they disable achievements? Wether its a custom game or a pilgrim game, doesn't really make achievements easier or harder. Introducing a new game mode that can't trigger progress points for your gameplay seems fruitless and cruel. I've earned my firebadge feat in Custom, don't see why I can't earn Faithful whenever that gets fixed and 500 in it aswell. Anyway I'm heavily on the Subnautica train now, so TLD's many unfixed issues might be fixed when I get back Cya in 1.27, estimated patch for an actual Faithful Cart fix:)
  5. You can work towards feats just fine in Custom mode.
  6. Going back would require vertical movement, 10 feet up Picture doesnt display it well but I'm at the bottom of a cliff, pressed up against an invisible wall. To my left: To my right: Behind me: Can't move an inch I don't actually know if Hinterland is even aware of these issues, or simply don't regard them as bugs. When a situation forces you to throw away a survival game, I'd say that's more then just a bug. Tread carefully in Milton, Hinterland knows not what they've created
  7. I was traveling from ML to Milton, and went up the mountain to the town instead of up the rope. Apparently these mountains were never tested by the devteam, cause they're riddled with invisible walls. Ofcourse I sprained my angle and wrist in this exact invisible wall area. So did one of the 100 bugs in TLD just lose me my game? I'm really starting to hate the way Hinterland tests their patches of late. It seems to be all about releasing and not actually testing. Milton in Survival is a ****show of bugs galore. 110 day thorough survival game lost to invisible walls in an exploration-survival game...
  8. The difference in the end-result, not disclosing the method of achieving it, would be spreading false information. One method being legit, the other using a system similar to cheat codes. I got a million dollars yesterday. Did you earn it? Did you steal it? There's a big difference Imagine if developers looked at your statement earlier, and noone ever mentioned that you got it via mods. Well this guy got it, then it isn't broken, carry on. Misinformation is the worst kind.
  9. I've learned over the many patches, that if u want to get something to work, you're forced to start over. It sucks, cause you probably dedicated so much to one survival game, and really want to complete everything possible in it. That's how I felt atleast. You have to discard that notion, and start using the convenient Custom mode for achievements instead. Regardless of how they end up fixing this achievement, having a survival game that makes mapping super easy, will help you.
  10. You forget to mention that you used a Mod with a "Map" command.
  11. Hinterland has obviously branded us naughty kids this year, so they withdrew their achievement present in the end Hopefully the final patch fix, is actually retroactive and doesn't require a mapping per region to initilialize. People deserve to login and simply receive the achievement.
  12. As some help perhaps. The last location I mapped was the Stone Church. I went looking at the front, outside the fence, standing on the rocks behind, mapped it once and the Icon and text appeared on the map. This is pretty much the exact location i charcoaled. Keep in mind, 1.21 game start to finish, only charcoaled every location once. On a more positive note. Custom Mode has introduced a super speedy way to get Faithful Cartographer. You basically 4x the days (1 day = 8 hrs IRL), remove blizzards, increase recovery and use all badges but the research one. It took me roughly 6,5 hours to map everything. Would take less days ingame, if you just walked everywhere. I run everywhere, rest for 10-12 minutes (seems to be a full stamina recovery), then I run again. The days being x4, you freeze x4 slower, you burn calories x4 slower. You even spend lantern fuel x4 slower.
  13. An overview of mapped locations including maps. Everything in this post was mapped after the 1.21 release, alas no achievement. The only thing I can think of, is a potentially missing Icon in Forlorn Muskeg. A 3rd "Icon - Leave Forlorn Muskeg" would perhaps make sense. Check out the mapping to see what I mean. Work in progress. Locations [DONE] - Maps [DONE] Mystery Lake Coastal Highway Pleasant Valley Desolation Point Timberwolf Mountain Forlorn Muskeg Broken Railroad Mountain Town Ravine Crumbling Highway Winding River
  14. Did a brand new playthrough (v 1.21). The Stone Church got mapped this time: I however, didn't receive the achievement. Got everything on the list mapped plus Chasm & Waterfall Cave in TWM. Don't really know how to proceed. Just doublechecked again, and I can see all locations from the zoomed out map. What do?