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  1. On 11/4/2018 at 4:46 AM, peteloud said:

    Another seemingly redundant feature is the sun shade inside cars.  I have never found anything behind a sun shade.

    Have I missed something?

    I've heard a couple different people suggest that there is a super, insanely low chance that a candy bar can be found behind sun shades.

    B I G  I F  T R U E ?

    Really though, I've played over 1100 hours now and looted my fair share of cars, including turning down the shades. Not a single candy bar there, or anything else.

  2. On 5/20/2018 at 11:43 AM, FluffyComeHome said:

    So I scouted out the way to install an older version. It was super easy and the correct V shows at the opening screen, but once the game started the character would not move. I checked my key bindings and everything was fine..but no buttons or mouse movement was detected. Couldn't even bring up the pause menu.

    If by "scouted out an older version" you mean you found an old torrent of it - I did too, and had the exact same problem. Couldn't move my character at all, keybindings were perfect though. Ended up uninstalling it and returned to my legit up-to-date copy of it on Steam. :(

  3. This topic has been touched upon on the forums before, but through searching I've not been able to find a solid answer.

    Is it possible to revert the Steam version of the game back to older builds (for nostalgia purposes :P)? I've heard you can do it with the GOG version, but I'm not desperate enough to go and buy the game twice, you know?

  4. 52 minutes ago, Wade said:

    Umm, pretty sure you just admitted to copyright infringement on the official forum of the company in which you are infringing.  Nice work.  I Hope you don't live in the United States.  The point being: you bought your copy from steam.  You are now downloading and using someone else's copy and in the process are also a part of the sharing process, which is copyright infringement.  At the very least you should probably read the forum guidelines and understand that any sort of talk about pirating software could get you banned from this forum, whether you own a legal copy or not.  "Any discussion of piracy will result in a permanent ban from the Hinterland Community "

    Yeah, thanks.

  5. So I'm attempting to play an earlier version of the game, v393, and before you say anything, yes - I've purchased the game legitimately on Steam. I wanted to see what this early version was like so I torrented it, because Steam does not let you revert your game back to earlier versions, so please do not yell at me to 'buy the game', because I have.

    I begin a new game and cannot do anything other than stand in place and quickly freeze to death. I can't use Esc to pause, can't use the mouse to look around, can't use WASD to move. I thought maybe I was stuck on something below my character, so I started a new game, same problem. I checked in the options menu to see if it was a sensitivity or controls issue, but no. I disabled gamepad to see if that made a difference, but no. I cannot think of anything else to try.

  6. Hinterland will always be associated primarily with The Long Dark, I believe. However, I went to their website one day and under Games, noticed that, of course, the only one is The Long Dark. This got me thinking - will the game ever reach a state where Hinterland feels they're 'done' with it, and can move on to a new project/game? I'd love to see more games from Hinterland in the future.

  7. 19 hours ago, Skap said:

    Well I was thinking that wouldn't it be really eerie if it said "somebody woke you up" or "you heard someone" followed by the sound of a door shutting.


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  8. On 12/20/2017 at 7:06 PM, Pegasus2 said:

    Spawning in my first ever game, walking 30 ft into that  building, right i'm out the cold, *opens inventory window* "now how does this inventory system wor"....*mauled to death by a pair of jaws that flies out of the darkness*

    In earlier versions of the game, not sure about now, but maybe, it was possible to spawn very close to the entrance of the Dam (this is probably what you're talking about, right?)
    I definitely made the same mistake. Being a new player, I thought about how lucky I was to start right next to a shelter! I checked out the deer corpse right outside first, then headed on inside. It was very dark and pretty quiet, except for a faint pitter-patter sound that slowly got slightly louder. As soon as I passed through the doorway into the main locker area, I heard "RUHRUHRUH!!" and died while reading the on-screen instructions on how to fight back.

  9. Stone-stunning rabbits can be extremely frustrating at times.

    I've had stones go straight between a rabbits legs before (now that's an accurate hitbox!)

    I've also had several instances where a stone has actually hit the rabbit in the head and bounced right off him, rolling the opposite direction of which it was thrown. In this case, I usually get so mad that I give up on rabbits for the day and leave.

  10. I'm very thankful they changed this up a bit so that wolves stop a few feet in front of you and growl for about 5 seconds before pouncing you. A couple days ago, though, I ran into the wolf near the Deadfall area, lit up my flare, threw it right at him, it bounced off his noggin and landed right in front of him, and he was undeterred, came up and pounced me anyway. Guess I just made him angrier..

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  11. On 12/24/2017 at 4:13 AM, Arzanot said:

    You forget to mention that you used a Mod with a "Map" command.

    That's correct, I wanted a full map of every region, so I manually walked to each one, used the "map" command, and the entirety of each region's map was now uncovered. I'm not sure what the difference is in the end-result, though, in terms of getting your mapping stat to 100%, as required for the achievement. It should be the same, but with one method getting you the achievement instantly, and the other much more slowly.

  12. Tree rubbings show where a moose has the possibility to spawn.

    They may be there one day, and not be there the next. I was in ML the other day and went into the Dam, but on my way I saw some rubbed trees to the right near the frozen river thing around the Train Loading Area. Looted the Dam over the course of several days, came back out to head back to the Camp Office and as I was crossing the Train Bridge I looked to my left, there was a moose on the ice around some deer. 

    If you see tree rubbings but no moose, check back a few days later to see if it's there.

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  13. 8 hours ago, MarrowStone said:

    There used to be some music that seemed to play whenever i went down the long hallway in the dam, unless i dont remember correctly.

    I used to always thrink that one of those large lights above the turbines would fall and crush me, idk why.

    Yes, the music going down the long hallway is what I'm referring to. Doesn't play anymore, obviously, because Fluffy...had an accident. It certainly did ramp up the scariness of it all, though.

  14. 58 minutes ago, Fuarian said:

    No, there never was any music. But there may have been in the original game. but it sure wasn't this one.

    You may be right, as I'm sure there's sound effects/small sections of music not listed in the OST. I do however remember playing an early version of the game, going down the stairs in the Dam and hearing high strings that sent my Dread Meter up to 100 lol. It may not have been the sound I linked above but it was something to that effect.

  15. I still would love to hear "regional music" - songs or stings that play in only certain areas or regions. There used to be a really high-tension sting that would play as you walk down the stairs and through the hallway of the Dam - back when Fluffy could still spawn. Always made my fear that much worse lol. There also used to be short horror-esque tunes that would play upon approaching a human corpse, which would also kind of give me the creeps. Really sad they decided to take those out. Heck, I'm really upset about a lot of the decisions they made. But hey - they're the developers here..

  16. 1 hour ago, hozz1235 said:


    I could understand that if maybe a fire was still going in the fireplace...anyways, lore-wise, do we know how long it's been since the last human was around (sandbox)?

    Well, I'm not sure that's it's been all that long. Makes sense if you think about it. When looting fridges/freezers you sometimes find meat in decent condition. Electricity has been out for as long as the place has been abandoned, so for the meat to stay fresh enough to still be safe to eat, it can't have been, let's say, over a year since the last human was around. This is assuming that the devs took this thought process into account, though.

  17. I was looting one of the Waterfront Cottages in CH. The one with the dead guy next to the bed. There was a cabinet right next to him, so I looted it and got a Water Bottle. My character went "Wonder if the owner's nearby?" and I LOL'd. In over 500 hours of gameplay I'd never heard this line before.

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