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  1. You don't need to fight wolves. Just scare it with with fire. A flare duration is enough to travel between two shelters immune to wolves and wind.
  2. Worked as planned. Boooring, real-time connection isn't the best idea, better to set more ingame goals. Anyway, the concept and art is nice, thanks devs!
  3. Not aurora, that happens sometimes. Somehow you broke the scenario where wolf should be scared of torch. Appear in front of it too close or else.
  4. That's what I'm saying, where's the fun? Through the years game teaches me to not take unnecessary risk. But the world isn't trying to kill me anymore! Got to kill wolves with hatchet for fun! ūüėĄ
  5. That is a strategy as well )
  6. Well, this event turned out to be quite boring to me. During the first day got clothing +25C just in CH so now I can just sit anywhere for 6 hrs to pass. With enormous 2500 cal candies there is no reason to move to other locations. No struggling left that I got used to in Interloper.
  7. That happened once to me. I guess, if you trigger the wolf attack from inside (e. g. by shooting a non-lethal hit) or just prior to entering the hut, and the wolf stands in front of the door it can run straight inside.
  8. I guess skilled survivor is still achievable in loper via books reading and distress pistol firing, gonna try it.
  9. I guess wolf ignores bait if it's not hungry. It happens when you disturb feeding wolf near dead animal or when it finished feeding and is trotting away.
  10. chuckie


    Permadeath is easely avoided by pressing Alt+F4 in time, during animal attack. If you got into trouble, e.x. lost in the blizzard, you can just exit to main menu and continue from the last save. So basically only falling from big height is dangerous, need to Alt+F4 very quick. So dying is mostly a matter of a players choice. You can play 'fair' and except challenge, or you can restart and have fun with a little bitter taste. So, making permadeath optional is not a game changer, it just makes the things player can already do easier. To achieve 100% permadeath the save system should be modified significantly. Better to make it optional, maybe with some penalties.
  11. Well, I've found the answer what to do. If wolf or bear jumped, if you fell into the water - Alt+F4! If you did something unwanted, fail to repair and lost the only bear hide, lost in the woods, but the game wasn't saved - quit and continue from last save. Things got much easier now, still there's a risk to spoil the game and quick reaction is needed, but at least 'I stopped worrying and loved the permadeath'. Here comes the revenge!
  12. Store meat on the ground anywhere, never see it loses weight or stolen by wolves. And you can not bother the condition - store raw, it gets ruined, but after cooking regains 50% condition and becomes safe to eat. But ruined items tend to disappear from any containers due to some glitch so beware.
  13. Thanks for the info. Sure, I mean 'as high as possible'. The only thing is absolute - we can not afford death, 100%.
  14. I guess I doesn't work not because you are standing far away, but the wolf will ignore the bait anyway. That's what I'm talking, in loper everything must be 100% safe. If some rules not always work I want to find new rules that explain when it will not work and what to do in that case.
  15. Not agree with the position adjustment. You can move in wide range, just that wolf passed the bait close enough. It will switch. If you see wolf already takes the bait (silent trotting) you can go anywhere. But not very close to wolf.