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  1. (1) Xbox is made by Microsoft. (2) Microsoft also made windows. (3) Windows opertating system runs PC games. (4) Windows operating system is on the Xbox. This is why you see a lot of cross platform games popping up between Xbox and PC, and this is why you can pause Xbox games and continue playing them on the PC. You can buy Xbox Games, and you can play them on PC with Microsofts "play anywhere" program. It's easier to port games between Xbox and PC nowadays because they are very similar in infrastructure. PS4 is different.
  2. I use flares that I already lit. I point them on the directions i need to remember. I don't know if used flares have other uses, but that's what I use them for. They are bright red so they stand out.
  3. What ever the disaster in this game, natural food sources still seem to be abundant. Berries, fish, big game, small game. Everything a black bear feeds on. I also don't think there is enough people around in game for us to be considered a new found food source for any animal.
  4. By full release, I mean no alpha/no beta. I basically mean final product.
  5. Leaderboards could be added in the final version. Remember this is still in alpha, so keeping score now and carrying those scores over to the final version would be unfair to players who might play a completely different experience come full release.
  6. Maybe they can add that in. Even as a cutscene. An insta-win does seem anti climactic, especially since the constant evasion can be so intense. It would be a rewarding addition to pull the trigger and end the nightmare, or at least watch it happen.
  7. Do navigating caves and mines count towards cabin fever?
  8. Isn't the ingame bear a black bear? If it is a black bear, I could see a grizzly being a different encounter altogether. Grizzlies more curious and are way more likely to charge you, kill you, and eat you. Black bears tend to often avoid people completely.
  9. Having multiple threats in a game is a good thing. It forces players to adapt to new threats rather than falling into a repetitive strategy just because it's effective. Games get boring doing the same thing over and over. Even though a method to defeating an enemy/threat is effective, the encounters get annoying if it's repeated enough. Variety is key to keeping players interested.
  10. Great update. I guess moose and Grizzlies didn't make the cut yet? Or are these grizzly bears I'm seeing now?
  11. That's another way to go, yeah. I'm a fan of hunting games personally, and there are literally zero hunting games on Xbox One. Your game is the only game on Xbox One that has hunting simulation to some degree, and I'm just brain storming on ways to expand on that. I'm sure there are other ways to do this too. Meat would measure the size of the animals effectively. Not every animal is the same size, and after killing an animal and going over to inspect it, like in real life would reveal its actual size. One question: Moose are known to charge when they feel threatened. Will this characteristic be implemented with the ingame moose?
  12. I know this isn't a hunting game, but it would be a fun community competition for us here on the forums. Who can bag the biggest buck. Who can bag the biggest moose. Who can kill the biggest bear. just a thought.
  13. The game doesn't have the "progression of treatment" thing. You can't take one pain killer when the game says take two, you can't only bandage half your wound with a bandage. So I assume cauterizing a wound in game wouldn't be done in stages either lol. Putting a flame to gun powder isn't going to burn in sections lmao
  14. Is the wound is cauterize do, how can you bleed out?
  15. djb204

    An inventory bar

    Xbox One uses the Directional Pad, or D-Oad. What ever you want to call it. Pressing up in the D-pad will cycle through you light sources. Torches, lanterns, matches, etc. Pressing Right on the D-pad will cycle through your weapons. Bows, Rifles. Pressing Left on the D-pad will allow you to place a fire down instantly. Pressing Down on the D-Pad will drop your currently equipped item. Pretty effective alternative to hot keys for a controller and console in my opinion.