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  1. I absolutely agree! Stalker is way too easy atm. Looking forward to a harder difficulty
  2. Yeah having rarer items would make it a lot better. I just miss that feeling of finding things that you really need. There's just too much of everything right now. I like the idea of the canned/man made foods lasting longer but spawning MUCH less
  3. I think part of the problem is the highest difficulty setting is just way too easy. There are just way too many man made food items that spawn and the cold is non existent once you get crafted clothing. I believe it just needs a higher difficulty. Colder weather, less food spawning, make things rare not as abundant. After not even a week in game I never experience that feeling of excitement when finding something i need. It definitely shouldn't be like that on the hardest setting in a survival game like this, that's one of the best parts of a survival game. I find myself starting new games almost every time I pick up the game now.
  4. I've had arrows completely dissapear before on a consistent basis, it definitely does happen sometimes
  5. I'm pretty sure it isn't, I'm sure it would mention it in some way.
  6. Whoops, I forgot I was at work and gave this bad information! I just figured they released at the same time! Sorry OP!
  7. These are all excellent ideas that I truly wish make it to the game. It would absolutely feel more immersive
  8. Hello, I'm running v.338 on Xbox and there is an issue with resuming the game if your controller disconnects. A message pops up saying to press "A" on an active controller whenever your controller is turned off or runs out of batteries so it's impossible to work around this. It happens 100% of the time, and have seen others mention it as well but did not see it posted here in the official bugs there's. Thought you guys should know! Thanks! Edit:. Just saw someone else's post about this issue from .335. Just letting you know it still happens and is 100% reproducible. I'm using the latest controller firmware version which is 2.3.2381.0
  9. I think they need to focus more on filling up the world with new things , the mechanics are great already it just feels too empty and unrewarding in the world. There have been so many times I just walk past little corners and hills because I know nothing will be there, I wish the game rewarded exploration a lot more than it does now.
  10. Yes it released today, you should be able to update it now or if you have automatic updates on it should already be there.
  11. I think this is an EXCELLENT idea minus the fatigue. Just a small animation, and would keep the flow of the game/immersion in check.
  12. In the road map it says somethjng about an axe coming soon, never know what is going to change!
  13. I'm hoping feats carry over between games like persistently even after death into a new save, and skills are save specific? That's my guess anyhow.