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  1. Thread necromancy happening. This would have nothing to do with story mode. It can be a challenge or another 'map' in the the sandbox. I can be a 'themed' procedural generated. The 'story' of it can be like the story of the other areas...imagination. The whole purpose of it is: replay value. If you put 20 hours in this game you prob know where everything is/can be.
  2. Yep that is the idea. The current zones can stay ofc, but a new mode can be introduced, which can include those procedural generated zones. I think it will truly challenge players since they wont know where the rifle/axe/knife is or can be.
  3. Buna ziua! Joaca careva jocul asta?
  4. If this has been proposed before, I beg your forgiveness. I also have no idea if the current software allows it but here it goes: randomly generated zone. Sure some items must be closer to spawning etc., but just imagine the possibilities: also the ability to map it somehow has to be there(even in-game drawing). Just a thought.
  5. Hey guys I am back. Now I am playing The Hunted, but there is a catch: I just try to survive as long as possible. I had around 10 days trekking in the froze wasteland so I was getting bolder and hungrier. I deployed a rope off the Forestry Lookout in ML and I killed a wolf at the bottom of it. While chasing it I meet an Old 'Friend'. 8% Condition. I've been worse, so lets head back...Can't make it,too tired. Darkness and cold are engulfing me, I drink my last coffee and start running. I trip over a small ledge... so warm now all is bliss. Again!
  6. @June Well I asked because I sometimes run out of ideas. (Talos is a great ship) Back on topic: If I reach full nature clothing(except the bear bedroll) the game feels way too easy and surviving can be done 'till forever basically. And now even that is to easy because I know what spawns where. I shouldn't have checked those wonderful maps:(
  7. @June What do you do entertain yourself? That is a long time, you probably have all there is to have, so what do you do?
  8. Around 70 days on one Sandbox(I do play multiple sandboxes), but I didn't die, I just deleted that because it was kinda boring :D. All plays are on Stalker.
  9. I like writing, but I am fairly lazy so I enjoy telling this story in a stream format: Right now I am doing Timberwolf Mountain Challenge(Stalker): I don't touch cargo containers, nor I chase deer into wolves intentionally(this one might be optional depending on how hairy it gets).
  10. Ah all right fair enough, thank you for the clarification.
  11. I tried living at the Dam when I was a bit on the greener side: no bed - major turn off, spooky Dam sounds second reason.
  12. Wait is there a way from Deer Clearing that doesn't involves ropes or Secluded Shelf Cave?
  13. Thank you for the quick replies guys. This sure is one very lively Community. Decent sandbox games tend to produce that... Well I am back from a short 3 hour trip to TWM(restarted no cargo containers challenge and died due to 'saving' the flare) Apparently wolves can kill you with 51% condition I'll jump right back into it, at least the wood respawned