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  1. Thats one of the reasons want operational cars... looking under the hood makes me more confused....
  2. Bor i Småland. :-) köpte spelet för inte så länge sedan!
  3. Wolfman031


    Har spelet på xbox one! Undrar om det finns andra svenska som spelar på xbox... :-)
  4. Hi! Kinda new to this game ( 1 week or so) playing on Xbox One and my record is 12 days and 59 min I think... Need to find my way from pleasant valley to the other areas ( i know mystery lake).... anyways im from sweden and i am 20 years old and I enjoy The long dark gaming experience :-)
  5. How you need to fight for survival is one of my favorits..... :-)
  6. Dont know if this been said ( sorry if it have) but I get confused about The cars that stands along road... Why not put them to use by letting players find gas for it and maybe new wheel etc and some parts could be used as a survival material like for crafting something