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    I just wish we could grow stuff, it would add an entire new dimension to the game. I know it's a survival game but I love the chill factor of Pilgrim mode and I would like more things to do other than walking and eating.
  2. The only other game i play consistently is Astroneer. The two are quite similar in many respects. You're pretty much on your own. No other people around to bother you. I'm a complete misery.
  3. Marmo

    Starvation Method

    So i just consume 750 calories before sleeping?
  4. Marmo

    Luring Wolves

    Hello there, To lure a wolf do i have to drop raw or cooked meat? Can it be any animal meat? Do i need to 'decoy drop' it or any old way? Thank you
  5. Hello there, i watched an old youtube video and they talked about the 'starvation method'. What is it and how does it work? Thank you.
  6. That's the one cache location i can never seem to find. Whether the bunker spawn's there or not.
  7. Are the bunkers still part of the latest update at ML as can't seem to find them? The bunker location near Hunter's Blind/Unnamed Pond is a complete mystery to me despite following youtube videos, i can't seem to find the large snowdrifts that are mentioned. Any help?
  8. Is it better to store meat outdoors then?
  9. Marmo


    Hi there, i know how to make a map using charcoal but how do i use it to ensure im going in the right direction? There is the crossfire symbol in the middle of the map but i'm still a tad confused. Thanks
  10. If you already know your way around(or can pull a map from the internet) is there really any point of using the charcoal to sketch a map? Is this just for completists? Thanks.
  11. I saw it last night. It's spectacular.
  12. I meant the Aurora (if that's its name) Looks fantastic.
  13. Just to say I love the new updated Survival Mode, it's a joy to be back on Mystery Lake with the improved graphics and changes (the night sky looks amazing). Even though a lot of work has gone into the story mode, it just doesn't do it for me although I suspect i am in the minority. Big thanks to everyone at Hinterland for an amazing game.
  14. The game crashed at least twice an hour yesterday so will play something else for a while until the bugs are sorted.
  15. Every other time i leave a property it crashes. I give up! Too stressed.
  16. Anyone there? The game crashes at least once an hour
  17. Marmo


    Any other Xbox user still stuck on v.31946? Have tried soft/hard reset plus reinstalling game to no avail.
  18. Hello there, Despite several hard and soft resets and a reinstall the Xbox version is still stuck on v.31946. Any help given would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Andy
  19. Have tried to the power cycle routine and still stuck on v.31946 Jeez!
  20. I have TLD on PC as well as my XB1 and remember seeing the bedroll on my first attempt of the story mode, this is how I noticed it not being there when I played it on my XB1 today. I gave up on TLD before because of the number of lost saves i experienced,i hope the same thing doesn't happen again.
  21. How do you skip the cutscenes on the Xbox please?
  22. I went back and forth through the cave as well and no bedroll. I really don't want to restart as it takes me out of the game.