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  1. I don't understand this idea that fishing is not useful. I use it constantly as my primary source of food in Interloper. Packaged food is virtually non-existent in Interloper, so I need to find my own food. Tools/weapons are hard to come by and extremely heavy. I don't even bother crafting any weapons until deep end game after I finish looting all the zones. This way I stay very light for moving my loot from zone to zone, and I always keep my well-fed buff. There is no need to go through the trouble of crafting a knife, hatchet, and bow/arrows when you can just fish instead, which also al
  2. You should not be anywhere near running out of cloth on Stalker @ 500 days. Stop using so much cloth! You shouldn't need that many snow shelters anyway. I never build snow shelters or even think of doing so...can you sleep in them without a bedroll and are they significantly warmer than outside? Same as caves? Sometimes I need a place to sleep in Interloper before I find a bedroll, but I never want to waste that much cloth just for a temporary shelter. I'd probably use them if they didn't waste cloth or were permanent. I agree you should be able to use skins instead of cloth...
  3. "New Craftable Hat, New Challenge Mode, New Condition Buff" *heavy breathing*
  4. I'm a veteran player and I really enjoyed the event, especially all the community activity on social media. It was a big improvement over the previous ones and I'm looking forward to see if they make any tweaks next year.
  5. Now that the game is in full release, should we have more confidence our current saves won't be corrupted if we play 4DON than we did pre-release?
  6. Interloper difficulty stays at least somewhat challenging. If you want a fun challenge, try looting all zones in under 50 days on Interloper. It took me a bunch of attempts to get that squared away. I usually listen to podcasts and drink beer while playing...unless in a situation where I really need to listen carefully. It makes boredom less likely, but it's more likely to make a mistake. The game is a nice visual while listening to something else. I also keep multiple bases maintained and travel between them, map everything, etc. Be careful drinking though. The other night I drank m
  7. I'd love to be able to craft higher quality wool items in Interloper... there is so little warm clothing it would make a huge difference. That said, I tend to agree with the poster who replied to the other thread saying it would add too much complexity and threaten balance.
  8. I used to feel this way, and I do think it could be turned down slightly, but once you learn how to mitigate the build up of cabin fever, it's fairly easy to avoid and to bleed off when it starts to accumulate. I've come to appreciate the added challenge and the way it forces me to vary my game play and plan ahead. It definitely tends to keep me moving. I can't just spend a thousand days on jackrabbit island like the old days. Don't spend multiple days breaking down stuff inside houses is a big one. Do that gradually. The items aren't going anywhere and you can always come back. Breaking
  9. I noticed the church in Mountain Town has no name...that's got to be a bug
  10. Absolutely, happy to help if I can. I'm having my best interloper run ever right now...hope it continues.
  11. My strategy on interloper now is to loot as much as possible as quickly as possible...skip crafting items entirely to save on time and weight. I try to loot TWM before day 50. Anything after 40-50 days and you start finding ruined stuff or empty containers. Should be able to loot 3-4 zones in the 50 days. After that, you can take your time again.
  12. I loved the last event! A special clothing item with enhanced stats that you can hold onto after the event would be neat. Even if they just repeated last year's event with the special food would be appreciated.
  13. I don't know if it's worth the trouble. After the first mauling I noticed you basically take no damage, so decided just to steamroll through it and get mauled as necessary.
  14. You should only get mauled maybe 3-4 times total...shoot him in the chest out the door of the cabin, then in each subsequent encounter, shoot him once from a far distance and then once when he's right on top of you, so you get 2 shots off each time.