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I've become quite fond of using Rainmeter in place of my "normal" desktop, and I've been tinkering a bit with some Long Dark setups...Thought I'd share and see if there was any interest in this idea. So far, I've only done one day and one night setup with minimalist icons and readers. I'm hoping to get a chance to play with it a bit more over break in a week or so and really do some customized setups with some screenshots I've taken.

If anyone is interested in these, I'd be happy to post links to the skins I'm using, as well as the screenshots I've taken to use as my desktop backgrounds. For now, here are the two I threw together this week. They're simplistic and somewhat similar, but I'm hoping to come up with something really nice when I really have a couple of hours to commit:



And here's the image I'm hoping to work with next:


Hope you guys like these and are enjoying the game as much as I am!

Edited to include the desktop I'm sticking with for a while. I'm finding that less is more.


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