xbox one v.304 save issues/crashes and mechanic questions


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Well still having save file corruption issues, I've lost another save file after exiting and reloading the game later on. But that's only happened once ( So far ). The biggest one now seems to Be the constant crashes. Its happened in DP but more So in ML around the camp office. After the crash when the Game Is loaded up again my Save file Is not even There!. This has happened 2 - 3 times now, at 3,10 and 41 days in!.

Now on to the mechanics question/issue. First off having real issues with the survival bow again, after the first shot has been taken and the second Arrow Is being pulled back either it stops on its own or it Just fires and lands a foot in front of me.. This has happened more times then not, doesn't matter if its waking up after sleeping a full 8 hours or being up for 18. Next problem is after the arrow has been knocked the view zooms in a bit and remains there, while this is happening both the arrow and dot disappears yet I can still hear the arrow being release.. Even if I use the old work around by either pausing the game, pulling up the inventory or even dropping and picking the bow back up will not fix this.. So far reloading is the only fix! Which brings me back to the save file issue. Is this already a know problem?

Finally I know certain tweaks and adjustments are always being made for balancing and performance but I was wondering if the "injury detection" is bugged or this is as intended. I can be walking on a flat surface not overloaded or tired then out of the blue "CRACK" I've sprained my wrists,ankles or both!. I've even sustained sever bruising aswell. Its happened enough times now to ask this question. Once it happened 3 times walking the road in PV in a row,

now I've managed to record most of this at least once and I can attempt to put it all together and post it somewhere for you guys to see for yourselves or send it by e-mail.

Sorry for the novel and bad news about the saves. But its not happening enough where's its unplayable like v303 and previous patches.

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I also should have noted that I have not always lost a save after a crash out. Which is a good thing because the amount of crashes is stacking up quickly. And yes I have also done a complete wipe of the game and re installed it. Once on my system and another on an external, both are experiencing the same issues.

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