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i'm really enjoying the long dark and i've a current playtime of 90 hours with around 260 days survived and all of the current achievements unlocked. unfortunately i've started my 260 day play through on voyageur instead of stalker. i've tried to start all over again on stalker difficulty but this is really annoying compared to the progress in my other play through.

i've asked google for my issue and so i've tried out a save game editor to change the difficulty but this seemed not to be possible. i'm not into cheating but changing the difficulty would be fine to me. so i'm trying to involve the community to ask if there is any other way to change the difficulty in mid game? maybe some of you know a way to make this possible?

thanks for reading and sorry for incorrect english.

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No, there is no way to change the difficulty mid-game. Please also be aware that discussing methods of hacking, cheating, or utilizing mod tools to alter game files is currently a violation of our community guidelines. To be clear on this note, mentioning that you attempted to edit the save game isn't necessarily a violation...Discussing specific steps or linking the tool you used to do this is what we monitor in this case. Having games run on different difficulty settings is part of the reason we've added multiple save slots. The difficulty setting determines how wildlife behaves. It also affects (pre-determines) loot spawning, weather patters, and a number of other things. Changing it mid-game would be quite challenging.

Thanks for your question and welcome to the forums =)

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