All hail the sacred flint

Raven 2010

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All hail the elusive flint hidden from unworthy eyes (3 points of IQ lost for saying that :P) any way I think it is safe to say that flint has never been found not Gona ask why. so what do you all think of flint something to worship for being extremely rare or eh (FYI if you have found flint post a screan shot and you will get to say it's over rated and I will give you a none existent cookie :D )

FYI ik it can't be found in game just felt like it was kind of a neat little thing

"You looked for an invisible cat in a dark room that was never there and some how found it"

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In the Northern American continent, you have to look for chert.

Nice tan Chert: flintnodin.jpg

Raw red chert: red-chert.jpg

Chert: boies%2Bconchoidal%2Bscars%2B1.jpg

Quartz is found everywhere but is not usually good enough quality unless you dig for it and perhaps heat treat it.

Quartz: 09711.jpg

Obsidian is found near the volcanoes around Squamish. Real flint is a European/Asian rock; that's the stuff they use for flintlock rifles. Quartz is good enough to strike sparks for fire starting. For Knapping, you probably should heat treat the rocks about 2 days buried under a fire. If you dug into a recent road side cut during summer, that's probably the best place to hunt for it; look for conchoidal fractures.

Obsidian: conchoidal-fracture-obsidian-glossary.jpg&size=250

Conchoidal Fractures in Stones

I've found basalt during my wanderings but it doesn't fracture well. Next chance I get on a big river, I'll find some.

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