fell in a little hole, and can't get out!


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I was wandering around Desolation Point, checking out some bunnies, I thought I was gently stepping down a little hill, but fell and injured myself, causing the game to save. Lo and behold, this fall landed me in a small hole; I can take a few steps but I cannot get out! I have eaten all of my food, slept, made a little fire for water, which has all been consumed. Now my bedroll is worn out, and I cannot repair it. So, unless I can escape this bright little prison, it's the end of me.

Info: version 302; 378.0, 55.9, 1137.5 WHALINGSTATIONREGION

I am moments (?) away from the 'living off the land' achievement, and was hoping to survive just long enough to make this... This run is my first playthrough, and I'm rather fond of it. I will wait to see if there can be a fix; if not I will reluctantly return to this character to play out the currently inevitable demise. Alas.

thanks so much, love this game. Beautiful, imaginative, clever... a joy to play!





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While this doesn't help with your current situation a quick fix if you're trapped on the map is to quit and reload. The game only saves when you enter an interior location, sleep or become injured. So, as long as you don't do any of those things after becoming stuck quitting and reloading should start you from your last camp.

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