Gameplay Issue (crash)


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Date: 1-31-16

Version: .302 Xbox One

Time of Day: Day/Night (tested)

Location: Mystery Lake & TimberWolf Mountain

Sandbox playthrough: Male (Stalker) 350+ days

The Long Dark crashes to dashboard intermittently, but only when EXITING a structure. The two structures I have had this happen in are; the Camp Office (Mystery Lake) & the Mountaineers Hut (TimberWolf Mountain). There was a previous issue with this on a previous update when EXITING the Camp Office. If I quit the game at the dashboard and reload it completely, it'll work again. Not sure if this is an issue with the game or the Xbox One, however, it doesn't crash anywhere else in the game or with other games. I have a feeling this might possibly be caused by the Xbox One being in instant on mode and not in power saving mode, so, maybe the ram in the system causes the game to crash?


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