Bodily functions, modifications and classes?


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Firstly, because it is self explanatory, bodily functions. People have to urinate, people have to deficate. Just saying. Secondly, when I mean modifications, I should be more specific. Repetative motions, such things that tear the muscle, if proper nutrients are supplied, will keep the body healthy and build muscle. Likewise, if not properly fed. The body will begin to emaciate. I would like to see something more in depth in that area in a game so focused on long term survival.

Something else sprang to mind concerning the characters. Personalization, at least in Sandbox mode would be a neat little addition. Onward and upward...classes.

As I have mentioned in one of my previous posts. I was a BoyScout for quite awhile as a young lad. Such things like shooting a bow, god forbid a BB gun, and erecting small windbreak shelters were just a few of the skills I acquired in my time. My proposal is that's some sort of class system is set up, such as a BoyScout, a mountaineer, or such. Just throwing that out there. Suggestions? Perhaps a point system for leveling up attributes that are specific to our characters? Let me know what you guys think about this.

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Personally, not really interested in 'classes' per se, but love the different skills there are, love that you can never view them, and that they just increase with repetition like real life.

In TLD this is cool because there is no 'level up.' That's another thing I love about TLD.

On your main topic, I agree that bodily functions are 'just assumed' and never addressed. I assume that 'we' all just take care of that business first thing in the morning when we leave our shelter (and since once a day is good enough). And peeing only takes thirty seconds so it could be assumed to occur those moments we stop to look at the horizon or sky every now and then.

We can pretty easily survive off the meat protein we get but yes I completely would be happy about the addition of 'nutrients' instead of just 'hunger.'

I personally think that even moving around as much as we do in game that the caloric requirements are way overboard because I'm 196 lbs and can live off of 100g of chicken breast every three hours. I stay full.

Even when I climbed Mt Fuji last year, 100g chicken for breakfast, 200g rice, and four granola bars throughout the day was enough to keep me feeling "full" all day long even into the evening (2 hour morning bus ride, then 6 hours hiking to top, and 2.5 back down). I went through 2.5 L water.

Oops sorry for getting off topic

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