Usefulness of Bones or Silex


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Hi everybody,

This is my first message/topic on this forum, I'm french so sorry by advance for grammatical or vocabular mistakes. I'll do my best to speak write well and being as understandable as possible.

My idea is that in The Long Dark, we have not really a renewable source of ingredients to craft tools like hatchet, knife, hammer or even weapons like arrowheads or (maybe someday) a spearhead.

So, to stay loyal to the game's spirit where when can reuse almost all of the existing game's material, I thought that we could use the bones of the wildlife we hunt or we are hunted by. If you look at basic survival techniques, bones, with both hide or guts, are one of the favourite materials of the survivors. With it you can create arrowhead, spear head, hatchet (for the bones' biggest part), fishing hook, knife etc, etc...

One of the most efficient material is flint(silex). By knocking or scratching a piece of flint on another you can make knife, arrowhead, hatchet etc, etc...

Thanks for reading me, I hope I made my ideas clear enough!

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