Greetings from Idaho!


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Well hello there everyone! I have been playing the game via Steam early access since mid December, but am now just coming across the Hinterland forums.

I've been enjoying the game immensely thus far. I did a lot of MMO gaming in the last 10 years, and was looking for something different as every one of those felt the same. I feel like I struck gold! :D The art style is awesome, and the mechanics of the game work well, especially for an early access game. The single player only experience is also exactly what I wanted.

I had a couple failed Voyageur runs before my first successful one, then I shelved it for a Stalker try. First run was successful even with a harrowing experience getting food poisoning off the first thing I ate in a cave in Pleasant Valley. Somehow made it to the farmhouse and slept it out (couldn't find meds to remedy it anywhere it seemed). That character has thrived ever since, tackling Pleasant Valley, Timberwolf Mountain, and now is exploring Mystery Lake.

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