Harvest Time For Rabbits


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First I would like to say I love this game. I just recently found out about it. Also this is my first post here on the forums :)

So as I was playing tonight and harvesting rabbits from my snares. I was wondering to my self. Why does it take so long to harvest a rabbit? I can clean a rabbit in just a few mins. Also why is a knife even needed for a rabbit? You don't need a knife to skin and gut a rabbit. At least I dont need one. There are many how to videos on youtube that shows you how to do so. Also why cant you just pick up the rabbit and carry it whole and clean it away from kill site? Just somethings I noticed while playing tonight. Anyways back to the game!

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I was wondering about picking up rabbits as well. When I hunted with my grandfather, small stuff like rabbits, fish and ducks were picked up. They were cleaned as a group in a convenient place, not dressed on the spot. I notice you can do that with fish but why not rabbits?

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