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Just a few neat ideas I've seen posted in response to questions on the how to play forums. Be nice if they made it into the final build.

  • An explorable map for the Ravine accessible with a climbing rope. Basically abseil down with a climbing rope (maybe found in the dam?) to explore the train wreck at the bottom. If they were cargo cars they may contain some good loot.
  • Character vocal triggers near inaccessible/dangerous areas. Common thread in one forum was need for character shout of "that looks too steep to climb" or "that's a long drop" when exploring edges. Necessary so that if you do fall the game warned you of the possibility first so it doesn't feel arbitrary.
  • If you die from leaving the map (e.g. climbing down into an inaccessible area) than there is a scream and the camera falls backwards so you know you slipped and fell as opposed to leaving the playable area.
  • Ability to finish off wounded animals with a coup de grâce if you catch up to them. Saves player from having to wait for the bleed timer to run down. Could be done with hatchet maybe?
  • Link fishing to weather conditions. In my experience, the likelihood of catching something does depend on weather. I normally catch more trout just after or before a major weather change (e.g. transition from a week of damp overcast to sun). This would make fishing more dynamic (weighted odds) as opposed to just rolling on a random number table.

Anyways, I would like to see any or all of these ideas make it into the final game :)

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