Greetings From Sunny FL


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Greetings from sunny Florida! It's January here and a mild 64°F outside at the moment. I guess that's part of what makes playing The Long Dark so much fun... I get to "experience" snow! ;)

I recently discovered the game preview this past weekend on Xbox One via a dashboard promo for a free hour of play. After my hour was up I was hooked! I love a good sandbox game (former Master Droid Engineer from SWG pre-NGE player here), especially one with a fun crafting system.

So, I bought the 19.99 game preview on Monday and I have now logged 9 days of survival around Mystery Lake. I just discovered the Trapper Homestead last night (after spending several days using the Camp Office as my shelter) and I am really starting to get a taste of the crafting system now!

Thanks for this wonderful sandbox game and I am looking forward to the future game updates! :D

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Hello and welcome, it's a wet and miserable 6 degrees here in UK, we convert to Celsius in winter to make life seem more miserable.

Fairly new myself but gotta say the Trapper Homestead is my fave location so far (40% covered), just wish you could sit on the armchair near the stove.

Happy hunting :)

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