Graphical Improvments for the near future.


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I have been playing the game for a long time and have loved the graphical improvments. But I have noticed some that desperatly need improvment.

1. Snow. Not snow flakes. Just snow. The ground texture just looks way low resolution compared to the rest of the game. Aswell as the disgusting blue-ish colour to the snow. It just looks unrealistic-ish at this point.

2. Same thing here. Needs a cleaner look to it rather than a blue texture. Maybe white?

3. Rock. As in cave rocks. When I go into a cave I noticed that the floor texture looks very low-res. So same thing here. Needs resolution improvment.

4. Trees. Not the base. But the branches/leaves. That blue colour... I just don't like it. I mean it fits with the current snow texture but... It's a disgusting looking colour especially for a winter orientated game. Keep the same texture just change the colour to a white colour. Maybe hint at some non snow covered parts. Like the green showing. Kinda like how it used to look a long time ago just with a higher resolution.

5. Fog. I can't stand the blue fog colour. Especially during a blizzard. It just looks gross. Sometimes it's even a turquoise colour. Why can't it just be white? Like REAL blizzards? Like it did in this video:

Around 1:35.

6. Blizzards in general. Make them more like they look in the Story Mode Trailer. Make the snow falls in different paths rather than all in one direction depending on the wind. It's possible.

7. (Addition) Aurora's. I'm aware they are being added to the Story mode. But what about in sandbox? Maybe even just for aethetics. No gameplay purposes. It CAN be done. Add them in the clear night sky. And if it's cloudy have a colour tint to the clouds as if the aurora is behind the clouds. IT kinda already looks like that sometimes.

Funny thing is. It's already been done. In the game's prototype.

See? They can surely do it!

8. Wolf model. It's due for an update. For sure. Also maybe add different types of wolves? Map dependant maybe?

9. Rabbit model. Who could've guessed. It's not too big but still.

10. Basically any other texture that hasn't been redone since early alpha. That is last year's release on steam. That are due.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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