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Maybe I'm just too much a fan of extensive crafting systems, but I think this game could use a lot more craftable items, and more items as materials to make those craftable things. Also, although I'm far from new to survival games, I am pretty new to TLD, and maybe I'm in the minority that feels this way. But I just think from a realistic standpoint, if I were out in the wilderness trying to do anything to survive, I could most certainly come up with more than just a mere 15 items I could craft. There are probably hundreds of useful things I could make that would help me continue to survive. I realize that this would probably be a MASSIVE undertaking to implement on this kind of scale, but it is a wish list forum after all, so here's to wishing! :) I realize I made no specifics about what could be crafted, but I think there are already a number of threads out there about this. I would just like to see more crafted things in general. I think it's unrealistic that we're only able to craft ~15 items currently.

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