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My names Cedryk and I have been playing the early access version of The Long Dark since it was released on Xbone, and absolutely love the design and feel of the game. The art direction gives it a "painted" feel which is somewhat similar to how the makers of 'Borderlands' designed theirs. Or where the people over at Ubisoft went with on their game 'Assassins Creed Chronicles: China', which I really enjoy. :D

My Short-Story Experience

I hadn't survived too long about a 10 day period, before 'The Revenant' became real in-game and I encountered a bear. I fired one round and hit, then the bear just stared as I loaded another round, then it charged me as I kept trying to fire my rifle without realizing it was jammed. It then proceeded to maul me for about 30+ seconds before it left me alone with about 12% condition left. I had an infection along with blood loss, I managed to make it into the nearest house. I then realized I had left all my medical supplies at the top of the mountain because I had just caught sight of this quaint home surrounded by farmland and rushed down the mountain to setup shop. (I was going to make a second trip the next day to reclaim all of my recovered supplies over the past 9 days.) However since I had no bandages or meds, and only 17 matches left I stumbled around the dark house trying to find a bathroom with meds or something, but ended up falling victim to blood loss on the floor of the dining room (or what it seemed to look like).


All in all my experience was great! I was confused and almost died on the very first day, as I feel would happen in real life, but pulled myself together and found my first shelter which was basically the start of this adventure. Which started before all the updates, and ended last night before I clocked out for the night. So I got to feel try all the updates out throughout my in-game life, with the condition screen being my favorite so far.

The only problem I had with the game was how the time-frame for your character went, where it would take me several minuets to just drink water. A few tweaks on small-scale things like that I feel will help improve the realistic/immersive quality and nature of the game a tad more.

Apart from that though Cedryk from Montanta 10/10 approves of this game and its unique design. Finally a survival game where I can relive my childhood favorite book "Hatchet", and I don't have to fend off the overuse of zombies like in previous survival games.

Good luck with the rest of development,

I'll be hear patiently waiting, trying to better my 10 day first attempt. :lol: :D

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