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For such a great game the principles of difficulty seem not fit well. Different rate of calories spending and more fast exhaustion etc (differed 2 or 3 times) with the higher difficulty level seems not right to me. Such mechanism is not bad if the difference is no more 10, maybe 25%. It could be explained by difference in age or weight or physical condition of the character.

I`d like to see more or less cold and unstable weather instead.

And I`d like to see maps differ by number of animals from plenty to little. Where rabbits or/and deer are plenty the predators are well fed and not attacking unless provoked. If grass-eaters are few because lack of food base - predators are hungry and desperate thus aggressive.

When plenty of grass eaters with no large predators - it is an easy map. When grass-eaters are plenty with some predators - it is an easy map too, but more challenging. The less grass eaters - the more challenge.

For the first difficulty level - 1st map should have the most favorable conditions. The same map for the higher difficulty should be with more cold/unstable weather, harder hunting conditions (less respawning + more nimble animals) and more strong and aggressive predators.

I`d like to suggest 3 (or more) different types of each animal: weak, moderate, strong and may be "the big boss". Like the weak wolf will always overrun the weak rabbit, but will not overrun moderate rabbit and weak deer.

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